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  1. many thanks Simonsells91 for your input
  2. hi i hope some kind person here can help me i want to buy more ram for my desktop pc, i have a 1.86 intell dual processor running xp sp 2 with 2 slots with 2x512mb samsung 1Rx8 PC2-4200U-444-12-D3 and im getting confused between 4200 and 4300 can some one please tell me the differnce and which would be the best choice many thanks in advance
  3. hi thanks for both your replys ( 1101doc and Bear) # first of i was able to find out that they are connected to apple i tunes but not much else, as for leaving them every reg cleaner i use picks them up and its just a hassel, also i don't like having staringe things on my pc and bear for the life of me i cant remember the game and i used an uninstall prog to remove it, and as far as i know it did not change any critical settings and no there wasn't any special drivers installed. as of now everything has been removed except these 3 pesky dll's and some how they have latched on to
  4. hi hope someone on this forum can help me i am running xp home sp2 and about 2 weeks ago i installed a game which i have now uninstalled, the game came with a service called bunjuor which i maneged to uninstall aswell but it took me several atempts, my problem now is when i run a registry cleaner it picks up mdnsNSP.dll x 3 times which are listed as safe to remove but when i do that and reboot it takes a minimum of 20 minutes for windows explorer to load my desktop (instead of 30 secs) then i have to use system restore to put things right. i have tried searching for them on my hard
  5. hi pskelley thanks for taking the trouble to reply sorry i haven't been back sooner (have been very busy) i have done what you suggested and i will see how things go if the problem still persists i will get back to you once againe many thanks for your help
  6. hi all you kind people hope someone can spare a minute to read my hijack log and let me know if im worrieng over nothing in the past week my pc has slowed down and become sluggish same for my internet speeds here is a copy of the log file i just done i would be very greatfull if someone could have a quick look at it and let me know what they think, many thanks in advance i have xp home sp2 with nod anty virus and spygate firewall Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 11:55:55, on 27/01/2007 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.
  7. hi dombenson, thanks for the info i'll check the prices and buy one of them, but first of all can i have your advice on a suitable mother board and processor i know from your message that i need a dual core Socket-AM2 processor but can you advice me on which model or brand is best and will i need to buy them first before i buy a case so that i know if they fit basicly can you telll me which components (brands ) i will need to buy to have a good preforming pc where i can do more then one thing at a time (even 3 or 4 things) i dont mind paying extra but it just means it will take
  8. hi dombenson thanks for your quick reply everything what you have said sounds great, i had checked the radeon X1800XL and it's a bit to expensive for me and i have been looking at the Gforse range of cards (i know they are not as good) but for there price they will suit me better can you recomend one of those to me?
  9. hi dombenson first of all many thanks for your reply but sorry for not getting back sooner had a few problems with my pc ( but all sorted now) as to your question of how much to spend i have no fixed amount in my mind (even roughly) im prepared to spend what ever it takes to get a high performance pc but i will have to do it gradually may be even for 3 months (fixed income only) so what i hope to end up with is a pc which can handel all types of multi media but can be upgraded as time goes on ie basicly a new pc so i guess the first piece of equipment to start of is the shell so
  10. thanks dickster for your prompt reply first of all i want the quickest and most powerfull pc money can buy but being serious what i found with my present pc is that if i try to do more then two things at teh same time my cpu is maxed out i just want to be able to do more then one or two things at the same time, i will be mainly using it for multi media (films music surfing downloading) as for cost i wont be able to buy everything in one go it will be spread out over several weeks so even if i get advice on what to buy rather keep you haning on as i get the funds together it wou
  11. first of all let me express my thanks to the kind people who answered my question (sorry i have not got back to you sooner but if been away on holiday) so the impression i get form your responses is that i need to rebuild my pc. this is something im prepared to do but not being very savvy with computers im willing to give it a go because im keen to learn a lot more about them, but if someone is willing to advise and take me through the steps you will definitely be on my xmas card list. it might be to much for someone to do it through this forum and i will understand, but as i said
  12. hi members, i have been using pc pitstop for some time now and i must say everyone should use it (but this is the first time for the forum) my question is which i hope someone will be able to advice me i would like to up-grade my pc (but it is on the cheap end of the scale) here are the specs Intel® Celeron® CPU 2.53GHz 1200 ram memory Storage Drive Type Drive Size Total Available Space Used Space C: NTFS 71.44Gb 52.09Gb 19.35Gb Hardware Type Description DVD/CD-ROM Drives SONY DVD RW DW-G121A USB Device SONY CDRWDVD CRX310EE GW5204F ICP031Z SCSI CdRom D
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