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  1. I forgot about PCMatic and my archived DL Program folder, and put the archive file on my desktop to synchronize it with a hard drive in a remote location; recently this file was scanned by MAB and NIS, which found two "threats," and I went along with their suggestions to delete. I like the idea of having certain joke exe files on hand in case someone I allow to use my computer becomes annoying, but it is extremely annoying to have to hide the file from the AV programs. I have no intention of telling NIS to ignore zipped files. Now I have to zip and encrypt. PCMatic just now found six "threa
  2. It must have been just the file name. The first thing I did when I found it listed in PC Matic's xml document (the only thing it has ever found besides cookies) was to Google it, and apparently there have been a number of different malicious files that used that name, including one in 2007 that added the infected pc to the storm botnet. My file predated that particular trojan by almost 5 years, and it is innocuous, although not in particularly good taste. When this that or the other company offers freebies, I often download them without ever looking at them, "just in case"--it may be somethi
  3. Thanks for the assistance. I still haven't figured out yet where Vista hides everything. This turned out to be a file I had archived on 1/11/03, called valentin.exe; it was one of a number of such files that I saved because it was free, and I never even watched it until just now (mercifully). It has been scanned over the years by AVG, various Nortons, Avast, Kaspersky's online, Panda's house call, etc., and I don't remember that particular file ever having been marked as dangerous, but PCPitstop decided that it was "name="Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT" level="2" category="Trojan" type="Malware" a
  4. Since I use NIS and also run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware regularly, it is unlikely that anything would get by them, but PCMatic found something that it deleted and I don't see any options for restore or submit file for analysis or anything like that. I suspect a false positive, but need to have some way of checking it out.
  5. What the heck is this--PCMatic freezes while checking services? A little window with PCMatic in the title bar popped up that said Error: JSON parse error: undefined. Clicking ok on that created another little window that said Error: AnalyzeItNow error: timeout. Clicking ok on that, caused the green progress bar to jump rapidly to about 80 percent or so completed, then the whole test gui window disappeared, and I was left with the main gui, which showed no test had been done. I just ran PCMatic yesterday with no problems.
  6. Smart Defrag, if you use their "optimized defrag," WILL also eat the restore points, but not if you use its regular defrag.
  7. I know that many uses hate System Restore. But the only reason I went from my Amiga to a Windows PC was that I fell in love with System Restore that was introduced with WinMe. I know, it doesn't always work, but when it does, it can be a Godsend. I have been wondering why my restore points have been disappearing on my 64-bit Vista system, and I finally became annoyed enough to do some looking with my friend Google, and I noticed that another company's product, Diskeeper, will eat up the restore points unless you disable its VSS defragging. Since I had been wondering why, when PCMatic does it
  8. I would suspect from the moniker "Stoner111" that you are dealing with someone whose mental facilities are impaired, possibly substance impaired. I have used PCPitstop for almost 10 years, most of it just the free PCPitstop, more recently the paid PCMatic. PCPitstop definitely helped me keep my WinMe machine running in top condition for years. PCPitstop is reliable and trustworthy; I have the utmost confidence in them. And PCMatic actually has technical support that responds to problems, so I like it also. Those accusations about them are ludicrous.
  9. Mine has just started doing the same thing. It opens, I can change options, etc., but when I click scan, it hangs, and I have to kill it with Task Mgr. I have tried changing the options, but it still hangs. It just started telling me that it was gathering information for PC Pitstop's site, which it didn't use to do; I have used the program for several months. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled: you have to uninstall Exterminate first, then PCMatic, then delete the PCPitstop folder from x86 program files. For some reason, though, it still remembers the computer when I do a fresh install
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