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  1. I'll be posting some Futuremark scores today. 3DMark06 won't be that impressive because I'm only running one video card, but the CPU scores are definitely way up. I'm not very bothered by the CPU clock issue. I just mentioned it in case it hadn't been noticed yet. It doesn't affect anything except the systems chosen for comparisons as far as I can tell. Mike
  2. I noticed that for my latest test with the CPU multiplier increased from its default 10x to 11x, the PCPitStop test results showed the CPU speed as 10 times FSB 317, 3174 MHz, instead of its 11x value, 3492 MHz. The correct values at the time of the test are shown at: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=149533 Mike
  3. I didn't save the links, but the tests work with my Vista Beta 2 install. The scores are a little lower than the ones I get using XP, but that's true of every benchmark I've tried. The Nvidia drivers I have installed don't have a control applet to tweak settings, and the newer Vista Nvidia drivers don't work on this PC, so that's part of the problem. Mike
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