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  1. Thanks Munch that was my first clean reinstall and keep forgeting about the small programs needed. Worked fine. 20mb down load glad we have broadband on now. WF
  2. Trying to open PDF files and I get a window saying Application not found. Have just done a full reinstall XP Pro and Office 2003 Thanks WF
  3. Just use a mobile phone to those people you believe are trustworthy and see if something does come out. Tell each person something different and see which rumour surfaces. Or you could use your normal phone and set up a plan to blow up your ex Uncles house and if the authoritise get you you know for sure it is taped. Noises on line, the most common fault is a bad earth connect on your line, someone who has had a new line installed, heavey rain may be the cause.
  4. A lighter side of life thank you Andrew. WF
  5. Yes the importers know what they are doing and do not give a stuff about the people they sell it to. You say it is labeled, from Quebec that would be French then English. Well the people who are buying this product most likly do not speak french or english. It is bad enougth here in Queensland where the goverment is doing very little to remove it from schools and public buildings. all this stuff was installed before they knew what happens to people around the crap. This is no excuse for the Quebec goverment to sell it, as all exports I believe are controlled by the central Canadian goverment . The people who will end up using this product will NOT know the death penalty they heve given themselves and their children. Contempt fom the Quebec goverment and a "I do not care" Atitude from the Central Candian Goverment.
  6. Why is the Canadian goverment doing this? If it can not be sold in Canada why export death. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=3369 No Goverment should export what can not be sold to their own people.
  7. Out beyond the black stump in a land way past the never never the wise old man was asked what is the difference between women and men. The season's changed and he was hear to say Men are like a bottle of fine red wine, they only get better and improve with age. Where Women are like a pint of milk left in the desert sun, sour, spoilt and fit to throw away after a short time.
  8. Thank you much appreciated. WF :beer:
  9. Have a avatar at 23kb, how do I down size to 10kb for the pit. Thanks WF
  10. Five course meal for the inlaws. Then you can brag.
  11. Thanks Joe nice to have confirmation from the family. Regards WF
  12. Going through my brothers PC I went in to C/WINT and noticed a file setdebug with a teddy bear on top. Seem to remember this mentioned here before as one of the bad guys or was that just a hoax. P3 750,W2000 SP4 Thanks WF
  13. Do not kno wwhere the flame originated from but I pulled it down of the Rotary web site
  14. I just posted in user to user and I was told that the post failed, when I checked it had posted on all three attempts. How do you completly remove a post you do not want on the site. Thank WF
  15. Open up IE and go to Tools, Internet options, Programs and reset IE as your default browser. (reset web settingsat the bottom) WF
  16. Still tells me there are no new updates.
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