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  1. Phinney5350, If you can provide an example, I will investigate. We generally try to provide links to drivers that are located on either the hardware device manufacturer sites or drivers that are found on PC manufacturers support sites. Thanks in advance for your help. Lyle Schuknecht
  2. I have reviewed the issue you were having with the recommended driver for your Intel 965 Express Chipset display driver. I believe in your original post the current driver should have been identified as At this point I can not explain why the recommended driver version appears to be older than the one currently installed. What confuses me is that the driver date of the one being recommended is newer than the driver you had installed althought the version number of your current driver appears to be higher than the one being recommended. The dates and versions appear to be out of sync. The good news is, that in researching the issue, I discovered Intel has released a newer driver dated 8/14/2008. I have updated the Driver Alert database and your Driver Alert Report should point to this newer driver. Please download and install this driver and let me know if you have any problems. Regards, Lyle Schuknecht
  3. bcregger, We have had some issues with some of the NVIDIA driver recommendation. I have removed the driver recommendation from our database until those issues are resolved. Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop. schuklyle
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