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  1. I'm using the exact same theme and settings on both accounts.
  2. Well I went to user accounts and made a new account. After that account was created the 3D flip works BUT only that account. When I come back to the Adminstrative account it's still the same. Obvisously something has changed somewhere. Maybe in my desktop settings??? I don't know.
  3. Well thanks for the thought but it didn't make any difference. The mouse and the keyboard seem to be configured correctly. I guess it's something else in the Aero setting maybe. I didn't realize I used to 3D flip so much... miss it when it's gone!
  4. Yeah it is... I even re-installed the software to the keyboard and mouse, still nothing.. Thanks though for the idea.
  5. Hi Doug. I thought you were on the right track with your "Aero" suggestion. I had ran a program that was a tune-up program and it turned off my Aero. I went to personalize and selected one of the basic/standard themes that supports Aero and it turned back on. I got my transparency back but still no 3D Flip. When I hit the hotkeys of Ctrl, Alt and tab it does pop up showing the windows that I have open of course without the 3D scrolling effect. I had read somewhere about the Windows Desktop Manager possibly being disable so I checked that in services and it's on automatic. (if that wo
  6. Hello all. For some reason today I noticed my document flip isn't working. I have Logitech MX 5500 keyboard and mouse. The mouse has a wheel that always flipped my documents so I could scroll through and pick out which window or document I wanted to go to as did the keyboard. No however neither is working. I re-installed the keyboard and mouse so I'm fairly sure they aren't the problem. What I was wondering is if I could have accidently disabled something in Windows 7 itself to stop it from working? I've search and can't seem to find much on the topic. If anyone has a idea of what m
  7. Hi, yes I have both monitors listed but I only have one choice on my TV for HDMI. I've pretty much given up on the idea after all that I have tried. At my wit's end so to speak. But thanks for the effort, it's just not worth any more trouble to me. I know eventually I'll get it if I play around enough, if I play around with it anymore. ;-)
  8. Well it's a desktop and the HDMI cable would have to be a reject because I bought a new one today thinking the same thing. As far as video card this is what is under display adapters. Also if it helps this is windows 7.
  9. Hello all. I searched and couldn't quite find what I was looking for with this problem so... I have my PC monitor hooked up VGA and ran a HDMI cable to my TV/Monitor. When I boot the pc finds both monitors no problem, adjusts the display and everything. Even says both devices are working properly but there isn't any video getting to the second monitor. It (the TV) switches to HDMI but then says "no signal". I've fiddled with about everything that I can think of but can get the display to mirror on the TV/Monitor. I had this working at one time. I tried taking a DVI cable an
  10. Yeah everything is up and running. Still don't know what caused it or how to fix it if it happens again but sure did learn a few things. Thanks again!
  11. Well Joe I gave up. Ran my restore CD and now am up and running again. I still wish I knew what caused it. I literally went to bed and got up in the morning and it was messed up. Regardless I want to thank you and everyone else for the help, time and advice. Whether we got it fixed or not is beside the point, you guys did a great job in helping me and I appreciate it. Best wishes to you and everyone now and this coming new year!
  12. Well I was really hoping to make some headway after reading that. I tried a bunch of the stuff to no avial so I thought I would re-name and replace the rasppoe.sys file with the file off my XP system. I went in to change the name of the original file and I got the below message. What in the world is "TrustedInstaller"? I am running the pc as administrator, I just figured I had access to anything I wanted to mess with. Any ideas of how to get around this? I'm sorry for being such a pain!
  13. Well Joe as you can see it's checked but why is it greyed out? It's like there isn't a connection set up??? I went to setup a connection and put my username in there and password but it gave me this error 651 thing. I don't know... pretty frustrated! Oh by the way automatically detect setting was checked and the proxy server stuff was unchecked. You really shouldn't waste anymore of your time on this. I certainly appreciate all that you have done! I can just start from scratch. Now it's just sort of a matter of why did it do this and what is the fix?
  14. Well I tried it with my firewall down and all my security off, nothing. I'm about at my wits end too. I'll wait until this afternoon to see if anyone has any more suggestions if not I'm just going to run my recovery disk and start over. Hate to do that but you gotta do what you gotta do! Thanks very, very much to you all for your time and effort spent on this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Here is the last thing I got from the last diagnostic I ran if it's of any interest. Once again if I don't hear from anyone I'm gonna wipe her clean. Thanks again and best wis
  15. Well guys I disabled my anti-virus and all and nothing still. Also, my bad, there is a single yellow light on my card and it's flashing. I ran a utility on the card and it said it was fine.
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