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  1. Having run the tests, it said that my display adapter and my sound and game controller drivers were out of date and needed updating. But when I went to Device Manager and checked Update Drivers> search online, Windows informed me that the drivers were already up to date! So forgive me for saying so but that makes me wonder if PC Pitstop could be telling me they need updating just so that I buy a subscription to get the updated drivers?!!! I have posted the link to my test results on my profile
  2. The Microsoft article above is for XP. To find the sendto folder in Vista, go to My Computer > C> Users > (select user then) > AppData > Roaming > Windows > Microsoft > sendto
  3. Yes, very good tutorial, made even better by the fact that the printable version includes the entire tutorial from start to finish!
  4. Have you tried IE > Tools > Options and deleting your temporary internet files (inc offline files if you are using Windows XP or earlier) all your cookies and clearing your History?
  5. Thanks flewpastu. I feel a lot better now, having got that off my chest! Thanks for your vote of confidence too! I omitted to mention that my Packard Bell PB9750 was second-hand when I bought it too! And that despite never having owned a PC before that and never having any PC training, I managed to upgrade the RAM to its max, install a new sound card and a new DVD-writer drive, replacing the old CD-reader with the old DVD-writer drive. I also installed a new hard drive, a UBS2 card and a new PSU, after being able to establish that the old PSU was what had stopped the PC powering up! I
  6. Apology accepted! And yes, I was aware that OEM software can be purchased seperately and that it is the same as Retail (boxed) software except for the higher price tag, the fancy box and the manual, which can invariably be downloaded anyway. As for demo, trial or junk software that manufacturers usually load their computers with - that could be one of the main reasons why they are able to keep their prices so low nowadays! If so, it is a trade-off really, isn't it? Pay more for a machine with no junk software pre-installed - or pay less and have to uninstall all the software you don't want
  7. OK. To clarify, my old PC (a cerca 1999 Packard Bell PB9750) had a 750mhz processor and could only take a maximum of 512mb RAM! So obviously, it was VERY slow indeed compared to today's PC's! For example, it used to take 14-15 HOURS to burn a DVD with Nero! And editing photos with PSP took 100% of my resources, which meant I often had to wait for the program to catch up! ....And it definitely did NOT have specs high enough to run Vista! Furthermore, the entire system was so old and outdated that it was just not viable to even consider trying to rip everything out and install a new mobo,
  8. Sorry flewpastu, but was this directed at me? If so, no effence taken regarding my old PC with rather outdated hardware! But I'm afraid I don't understand quite what point you were trying to make in your message? Were you suggesting that I should have stuck with my old PC and XP, even though the hardware it had was outdated and slow? And that I would have been better off upgrading all the hardware to improve its speed, rather than buying a new "inexpensive PC" with Vista together with a lot of unwanted software pre-installed? If so, then I can tell you that it would have cost more to buy
  9. Well, all I can say is that you're lucky that (a) the specs on your laptop were high enough to run Vista and ( that you can afford to go out and buy the retail version of Vista Business! But some of us who want Vista, are not lucky enough to own a PC or laptop that would run Vista successfully. So the alternatives are 1) to try and find a new PC wwhich still has XP installed and then go out and buy the retail version of Vista Home or Business and do a clean install of it on their new XP PC. Or 2) to buy a new PC with Vista pre-installed but still go out and spend another £200 or so on
  10. But having read the document he cited at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetma...es/2007/06/UAC/ UAC sounds like a great feature (even without configuring it) the way it is supposed to help protect the OS from unauthorised and undesirable changes that are frequently made by unidentified publishers, unsigned drivers or malaware etc. So I do not understand why anyone would want to remove it? Sure, there are still ways for malaware etc to circumvent the UAC system. But Microsoft has given very clear instructions on how to configure the OTS elevations "to require a Secure Attention Seque
  11. So what are you saying? That changing the email notifications to Daily Digest in My Controls does not work and that the only way to stop receiving a notification every time a new post is posted is to unsubscribe from that topic completely?
  12. I think PC Pitstop is a great site. But I am getting quite exasperated by the number of email notifications I am getting every day! I have my email notifications set to daily digest - but I still seem to be getting an email notification for every new post posted on my watched topic! And this is driving me absolutely NUTS And ironically (and very annoyingly too) considering the amount of notifications I am getting, this message is displayed on each notification: There may be more replies to this topic, but only 1 email is sent per board visit for each subscribed topic. This is to limit th
  13. Glad you all found my suggestion - and the fact that I happen to live in Essex, so funny! I'm sorry but I didn't realise you all had access to so much inside information that you would dismiss me as a fool for thinking such things about good old Billy G! But I bow to your superior knowledge, Oh Mighty Ones and promise not to show my ESSEX ignorance on this forum again!
  14. I have been thinking about buying a new PC and thought I'd go for one with Vista installed. But after reading this very illuminating article on Vista's "big brother type" shadow copy facility, which does not allow home users to even access the stored copies let alone delete them, I think I'll just stick with XP Pro after all! The trouble is, how long will it be before Microsoft uses its immense power to make XP as obsolete as Win 95 or 98 and stop supporting it or producing updates for it? And how long will we have to wait before they bring out a new version? And even when that new version is
  15. I think you may have hit the nail right on the head there Bruce! Wo ta nars hole ay!! Sad though really, isn't it?
  16. In case you hadn't realised it davidkhays, this is meant to be User Forum, where users discuss the topic in question, which in this case is Firefox v Internet Explorer. It is not an English Language test to be corrected by members of the SGB (spelling and grammar brigade)!!! But if you have a genuine desire to help others improve their literacy rather than just a desire to feel superior, I suggest that you look out for a Literacy or English Language Forum and post your spelling and grammar lessons on there!
  17. Oh, yes, I know only too well what happens when IE decides to tell you that it has "encountered a problem and needs to close"!!! LOL. For instance, I spent about 2 hours searching through 3 or 4 sites the other day, comparing products and adding my final choices to my basket on each site. Then to my absolute horror, IE decided to crash - and I lost the whole lot and had to start all over again! Fortunately, I have learnt through bitter experience to keep saving the urls for each item or printing the contents of my baskets to PDF at the very least, to minimise the time lost when this happens
  18. Thanks dark41. I found your entire post very interesting and informative. And your explanation of tabbed browsers has convinced me that I would enjoy the benefits of one after all! But as you say you are in the IE camp and not really a big fan of Firefox, I'd be very interested to know which tabbed browser you have been using for the past two years and what advantages you feel it has over FF?
  19. Also, the only difference I can see between using a "tabbed" browser and just opening links in a new window in IE, is that with a tabbed browser, the tabs run along the top of the window and with multiple windows open in IE the "tabs" run along the bottom - in the task bar! So I really don't understand what all the fuss is about "tabbed browsers"??? Perhaps someone can enlighten me?
  20. Having read through all the hype and some of the user comments, Firefox's improved security over IE sounds very desirable. But if you still have to have IE installed because some web sites that you wish to visit are still not (and indeed may never be) compatible with Firefox, then I would rather stick to IE despite it's faults! At least that way I don't have to bother about opening one browser for some sites and another for other sites! And surely if you have a decent Firewall and Antivirus program that is automatically updated at least once a day, you are reasonably well protected against
  21. EssexBiker

    How to.....

    Wow! Thanks Champ! That's just what I wanted! I tried the @echo off taskkill /im notepad.exe /f taskkill /im iexplore.exe /f exit - and it worked a treat! I might try adding some other program exe names to the list, so it will close everything at once! Truly excellent!
  22. EssexBiker

    Windows Tip

    Cheers Tom! I've tried it and it works on the websites I tried it on. If it also works on websites that insist on using tiny, weeny little thumbnails (eg: for knitting patterns etc) which I can't make out at all without having to open each one separately, it would be an absolute Godsend!! I've saved your instructions in case I forget how to do it or edit it in future. Thanks very much!
  23. EssexBiker

    How to.....

    That sounds great! I'd certainly give it a try - if I knew how to create a batch file and what commands I'd have to type in to it, to make it close all open windows? :help:
  24. Seems pointless to me because all your windows are still showing in the Task Bar anyway! And I find that it 's quicker and easier just to click on the window you want to open from the Task Bar than to use this alt + tab method, which I think is quite fiddly.
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