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  1. Thank you for the tip, Allen. I am giving it a try today. Keep these tips coming in Forum Friends - I find them very useful.
  2. At least there should be plenty of sunbed spaces on the beaches at the moment!
  3. Please tell me if I am wrong - but I do believe the correct spelling for the above word is POHM. I think it means Prisoners Of His/Her Majesty - and has nothing to do with us Brits! All meant in good faith Andrew! England 1 Paraguay 0 - and an own goal at that! They will be lucky to make the second stage to get those knighthoods - but they could lend Tony Blair some money then it would be a forgone conclusion!
  4. "You're So Cool" - the theme from the movie "True Romance" by Hans Zimmer. Anything to get me away from this dreadful World Cup!!
  5. OK, it the light of what postmortem said, where do we go from here? Both my wife and I have lcd screens!! Do I do as Bubba suggested or tick a few more boxes?
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