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  1. spasticman

    Wierd bug

    Not much of a tip, but kind of a trick. Find a movie (.avi is what I used) and open it up in windows media player (I was using version 10) While the movie is playing, hit the printscreen button on your keyboard (download Printkey 2000 if you don't have printscreen) Open up paint, then paste (ctrl+V) Now you have an screen shot. But wait, now go back to windows media player (alt+tab ( )) and continue playing the movie. Now, again go back to paint. The movie should be playing in paint. Now when you save paint, and find it in My Pictures (If you saved it there) It will be playing in the fax viewer. But if you stop the movie, the paint will stop also. This may only work with me, but I am very curious to see if it happens with anyone else. I found this out when playing a DVD on my computer (Superman Returns) and in the car chase scene with the lady and her cut brakes, there is a ANZ (Australia New Zealand) bank terminal hidden secretly behind some people. NEW ZEALAND!! When I tried to send via email, the screenshot was blank. Please tell me if anyone else gets this same bug/trick/annoyance, and does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. pressing backspace automatically goes back a page in internet explorer.
  3. First, open up Microsoft Interenet Explorer. Then go to the tools menu at the top of the page. Go to Internet Options. On the first screen, click on settings, which should be to the right of delete files, which should be in the middle of the page. When this next section pops up, reduce the amount of disk space used to keep the Temporary Interenet Files.
  4. Don't you just hate it when you are in Word, have a title, and whenever you change the size, it never seems right? Well, highlight the text you want enlarged/smallerified, hold down ctrl, and press the square bracket button ( [ ] ) This will increase/decrease the size of your text. It's also fun to hold the combination down for AGES, and watch your one letter take up the whole page. It only works in Microsoft Word, although it may work in other applictions!
  5. Just a rather handy tip... If you have multiple windows, holding down alt, and then tapping down tab, will bring up a list of all the windows you currently have open. in a small box in the center of your screen. Holding onto alt, and tapping tab, will select a window. Releasing the alt button will quickly change to the highlighted screen. Quickly holding alt, and tapping tab, and then releasing alt quickly, will instantly change to the next current window. This is very handy if you have problems with your mouse, or you just want to quickly change between windows. Also handy if your playing games, when you should be working, and your boss comes in. Easy as alt tab alt!
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