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  1. That confused me until I remembered you lot drive on the other side
  2. lester1

    Safe Mode

    Thank you Hawk very useful
  3. Thank you it is excellent news now discharged Still clicking
  4. Been clicking for ages although Mamograms are free in the UK. My wife has recently recovered from breast cancer detected early by her mamogram. Keep clicking people
  5. French Kissing in the USA Debbie Harry
  6. I've just downloaded build 1.04 no problems, yes it does turn green when scanning
  7. Well done Nel the clan is gathering
  8. Well I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of response from our lot! Like Hurdy I can only comment on the way the system has affected me and my feelings about it's effectiveness. The NHS has suffered from massive financial neglect by previous governments and as a result was unable to provide the total level of cover as envisaged by the Bevan lead Government that initiated it. Current investment has been massively increased and should, and is easing the strains on the system. Funding for the system is obstensibly provided by via "National Heath Insurance" payments deducted from the wages of working population, although separate Government funding is provided. None working citizens get help free of charge!This includes prescription charges for drugs Free medical care is provided to anyone of any nationality in any situation without fear or recourse to eligibility or ability to pay who is currently in the UK for any illness.(including transient persons) Private medical care is also available in line with US practices of medical insurance cover and is used by some of the population that can or choses to use it. It should be noted that a proportion of serious"Private" cases allegedly end up being cared for by the NHS. On a personal note Both in laws Triple bye-pass surgery in their 60's Free, all medication Free, all suport and rehabilitation Free, Time taken to re-act to their condition and treatment immediate! This sums up the NHS you pay when you can when working and are greatful when hard times come or get old you will be taken care of!
  9. Just done mine, a quick pass with a new paint brush to dislodge the debris between the keys, upside down and shake to eject the dust crumbs etc. And a good rub with car plastic/vinyl cleaner! Bobs your uncle, job done. Now about cleaning mouse scroll wheels?
  10. Bullies (Arseholes) tend to pick on what they see as soft targets, they are basically cowards playing to the crowd. Pick a time and place of your choosing, with your mates watching and kick the s£$%^&£t out of him! If you don't win and get the s*7^5$t kicked out of you rest assured he will pick on others that are not so easy to intimidated all you have to do is maintain the aggressive posture Hurt me Mate and YOU will get hurt .
  11. I thought of doing the same but 98se's working fine with very few BSD Like the man said "If it ain't broken dont fix it ". Any way do you want to get into all that re-register crap every time your system is modified
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