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  1. Thanks for pointing us to the corct folder, that was just to simple
  2. I can't stand Rap ether, but the lyric content is great, I really dug it, Great Work
  3. $1,300.00 Bucks, who paid that much? Wasn't me LOL. I paid $400.00 for that one Got the smokes, got the beer :beer: , think I'll go make a BLT (w-mayo) I like to play games, and post none OC, and OC scores for those who live to hate, Regards
  4. That has to be the longest list of 'RULES' I have ever seen to register on a forum oh well, I read them, and agreed, just to see a Sig
  5. I have to many to show them all, but here are 3 of the newest ones
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