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  1. USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT STATUS DETECTED !! I have the same board (to replace a P4 asus that went toes up,) and I got the same message on boot disconnected the headers to the front ports, the message went away, reconnected the usb headers one at a time and eliminated the pair of ports that had gone down, been running sweetly ever since. Disconnect all usb headers , replace one set at a time until you get the error message again, then eliminate that pair. Had a closer look at the old board, signs of something blown between 2 usb headers.
  2. How to run [email protected] without connecting the PC online, instructions here
  3. p4 3.06 1gb 24/7 p4 1.6 512 mb 24/7 p4 3.06 1gb 8/24 keeping the wu's ticking over nicely
  4. I don't see any order there the man on the spot is still the one to make the final decision
  5. and another local dialect http://www.thatbebristle.co.uk/dictionary/index.shtml
  6. karona I agree with the 1st part of your statement, but even tho not a Blair or Bush supporter strongly disagree with the 2nd. it's not about politics or ideologies but simply terrorism, the perpetrators will learn that civilisation will continue no matter what they do.
  7. Nellie Not in the slightest. Jake tons of it. the problem could well have been dealt with via PM, the post that began it was closed as it was beginning to degenerate, however a follow up post I deleted, and explained to the member my reasons for doing so (over a number of pm's ) the follow up post did, to me, seem inflammatory, maybe not the intention of the poster, but some other hotheads would have used it as an excuse to grind their axe, as such I felt it was better removed.
  8. My P4 lappy in normal use, runs at 48c when folding it hits 62c in the warmer weather. not suffered any crashes or any probs, been folding practically 24/7 a month or 2
  9. Thre's nowhere quite like home, it's good to be back
  10. Withdrawal symptoms here too
  11. Vickie, start in safe mode -- tap F8 key while booting up, then launch norton and run a scan, Norton may be able to delete it then.
  12. Do you perhaps have spywareblaster installed and in 'tools' have you enabled flashkiller ?
  13. This string of numbers makes me think it could be in system restore files. If running XP or ME, disable system restore then re run AVG.
  14. Try a different download mirror, the EON aussie site is usually pretty good
  15. Rugby, a game for thugs played by gentlemen Football (soccer) a game for gentlemen played by thugs Aussie Rules football combination of the above, no gentlemen involved
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