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  1. Microsoft's new Operating System, Windows Vista, has added security features that prohibit certain functionality of our Full Tests when running Internet Explorer as a normal user. We have added a tip to be show to Windows Vista users, that describes how to run Internet Explorer as an Administrator in order to correctly run the Full Tests. Once completed running the Full Tests with an instance of Internet Explorer running as Administrator, it is highly recommended that you close that instance of Internet Explorer as there is a greater risk of security problems with Internet Explorer running
  2. We appreciate everyones feedback in helping us solve this problem. The issue is a little more difficult than we originally expected, and are putting together a plan of attack to dedicate a resource to fixing up this part of the full test and Disk MD. In the mean time I am closing this forum until we have further news on where we are at with the fix. We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may cause until we squash it. Please realize it is at the top of our list of importance, and we will have updates soon. Thank you all for your help.
  3. We have been in New Orleans for our company meeting all week, so no progress was made. We are putting a team together to get this issue resolved. Please look for an announcement in forums when a fix is released. Thanks!
  4. Please try dfac-60 above and if it crashes send us the log file. We have some issues with our defrag scanner that we are working through. Thanks!
  5. Excellent, this is good news. I believe we are still having a few problems.
  6. We are experiencing a smaller percentage of people hard drives that the scanner is crashing on. If you could send me your log file, we are currently analyzing these crashes.
  7. Continued efforts to combat registration issues and crashes. Please download the latest version if you having problems with registration. Let us know if the problems still persist. Thank you!
  8. Disk MD v1.0.14.0 has been launched, and is now available for download. Below are the changes and fixes in the new version. Improved defragmentation algorithm Further fixes for the endless loop bug Smaller distribution size Better defragmentation map that more accurately represents your drive state during defragmentation More accurate progress and status report during defrag New free space optimization options before defrag Better report at end of defrag that shows information on files that could not be defragmented Other minor bug fixes and enhancements Grab a copy today and let us know what
  9. If you are going to send large log files please do not post them here, and do not email them to me. Use this service: http://www.yousendit.com/
  10. If you are having problems with the Active-X control or Disk MD crashing, we would appreciate you helping us out in finding the problem in the code. Below is a series of steps you can do to help us out, please proceed if you are up for the challenge: We need to know if the scanner is still crashing on your hard drive, so I am attaching the latest version here. #60. Below are instructions on how to run the scanner, if the scanner still crashes we would appreciate your log file to find out what sector of the hard drive is causing problems ... all hard drives are different. How To Run the
  11. I have restarted this topic due to confusion in the previous posts and dfacs'. Please stand by for further instructions. Thank you.
  12. We are adding some more memory to the server so there will be an approximate 30 minute down time within the next 24 hours. We apologize for any problems this may cause.
  13. Please go here for the latest on this problem: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=134368
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