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  1. That might be so. Just a pity all the latest PC's have all the up to date technology and nothing else.
  2. I can't understand why ppl buy/install dual core processors because there is no software out there that utilizes them. No games, nothing. The best thing to do for everyone without dual core is to wait until dual core becomes the norm, when games etc actually need dual core to run. By the time this day comes the Dual Core Cpu's will be a 1/4 of the price. .......or am i missing something.
  3. Can't see the point of installing a quad core CPU. I mean there's nothing out there that will fully utilize them. It's a bit like the dual core CPU. No game has been released yet to fully utilize dual core. its a bit like that Vista. Lots of bugs. Some games don't work with it. Driver don't work. Its a bit like that 8800 graphics card using direct x 10. Nothing runs on direct x 10 and when games finally get realeased using this format then the card will be a 1/4 of the price. ...more tea vicar?
  4. It's daft question time, but here goes ... Why would anyone buy/install Vista? We all know its not 100% with drivers/software, so why install it? Surely waiting a year or so for Microsoft to iron out the bugs would be a better time to install. And the price will probably have dropped. Anyway, bandwagon anyone?
  5. the pit stop is correct. My next upgrade i am thinking of doing is buying a Pentium 4 930 Dual Core. been offered one for £75. Thanks intelguy
  6. Only play Pro Evo online and it's the best footy game out there. Really recommend it. any ideas Brandon? Also about my internet speed. When i had a 4 MB connection the pit scores were 5 x what they are on my 10MB connection. Thats all.
  7. please don't get annoyed. Or even better, don't bother replying. had a bad day by any chance? have a nice day
  8. score Hi Just wondering what the crack is with the PIT results lately. I have one of the fastest internet connections in the UK, NTL 10MB, yet the pit practically says i'm on dial up. Also my cache size is 80MB yet the PIT result is telling me otherwise. Also noticed that when i put an extra 512MB of RAM into my system the PIT result showed no increased score. There you go. Gripe over
  9. I have both Pc Pitstop Optimize 1.5 and System Mechanic 7. They both do nearly the same things. I know System Mechanic is a bit of a system hogger, but it has more feature/options. Which is best or are they completely different?
  10. Nah , I'm not knocking it. I think i will wait for a year or so before i upgrade for the following reasons ... 1) There's no software/games that support 64bit. and 2) In a year or 2's time 64 bit gaming will be the norm and (wishful thinking) all the 64bit CPUS of today will be 1/2 the price. So i might as well just wait. Solitaire anyone?
  11. I bet there is no difference in our performance flewpastu the moderator for i to can play solitaire at max resolution. Still begs the question all these fancy new processors/graphics cards/amd64/Intel duo mean nothing. For a start every game that's out at the moment doesn't support 64 bit cpu's. It's like the new DVD format that's out at the moment. Totally overpriced. Normal DVD works fine. For now. Playstation 3. Anyone here going to pay £450 for one? If technology gets better each year, then where do you draw the line? My computer does everything and more very very fas
  12. This is probably a stupid question but your processor "Intel #6f6, 1860/2133 MHz" What is that? Is it just overclocked?
  13. Hello fellow Pitstoppers Here's my score Click Here I do, however, have a question .... My score is 1869. What i want to know is what does a score of say 2000+ do any different when compared to my little homemade computer? On mine i can play Half Life 2 at 45 frames a sec on high settings. Video edit no problem whatsoever. Download from the net at 1/2 gig a second. So what would be the point of upgrading my graphics card/CPU ? I mean how fast is fast? Because my PC is fast. If you know what i mean.
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