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  1. Thanks I'd be folding now but we're having a heat wave (90s-100s) and my computer went from an average of 23c to 35c just on idle. Quite alot higher when i'm pushing it. When it cools a little (and this is the West Coast, it WILL cool off ), i'll fire it back up.
  2. When using the ATI uninstall program, it rarely removes everthing and you may be expieriencing a driver conflict. To remove everything uninstall your current drivers then: Type "regedit" without the qoutes into your "Run" box Go to Hkey_Current user and click on software Right click and delete any reference to ATI Go to Hkey_Local_Machine and click on software Right click and delete any reference to ATI Go into your main drive (usually "C") and click on Program files Right click and delete any ATI folders Reinstall your drivers. I've expierienced the sam
  3. As a quick-fix, you can open up your case and put a small house type fan nearby so that the air flow is directed into your case. That should reduce your temps quite a bit. As far as fans go, you're pretty much stuck with what will fit in the stock locations (i have 3 pull and 1 push) or if your really ambitious, you can cut your own holes and place a few more fans into your case.
  4. I would follow BlackWiddows advice and take care of the suggested tips on your test first and foremost, (especialy updating your drivers!). Also, i was under the impression that DX10 was a Vista thing???? I've never been able to download it for XP anyway.....
  5. 4GB memory limit in 32-bit windows, 128GB limit in 64-bit. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa...mits_windows_xp
  6. I bought 2 Hitachi Deskstar hard drives from Newegg for $49.99 each. 320GB 7200rpm SATA / 3.0GB/s
  7. Thanks for the thread Juliet, it DOES shed some light on things, basicly, i have nothing to worry about
  8. Just the stock one that came with XP Home. I've been running it for quite awhile and just recently started having this problem.
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