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    WinXP Home AMD Athalon 64/3200+ Venice 2.2 OC'd to 2.68 512 megs PC3200 DDR OC'd Radeon X1300 Pro / 256 mb SB Audigy 80gig Maxtor HD CD-RW/DVD Rom Asus K8U-X MOBO Blue UV reactive case w/red UV reactive cabling, sleeving & fans. Dual 12" cold cathode UV lights
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  1. You can shut down alot of programs through MSCONFIG. Just hit start, run, and then type in msconfig. Go to startup and that will show you a list of programs that are starting up on your system. I usually disable pretty much everything. you can also go into services, click hide all microsoft services and shut down the things you decide you don't need running.
  2. Can't speak for any state other than washington, but if you go to your Attorney Generals website, i'm pretty sure they'll have all kinds of info. Here in WA. there is a statute of limitations on debts owed. What they don't tell you is that if you're say 5 years into a 7 year thing, and you haven't paid anything the entire time, and then you send a few bucks to keep them off of you, you just reset the clock back to 0. Now they have another 7 years to play with you.
  3. For the van lovers. NOT something to haul the kids to school in! (although it's street legal) http://www.fast-race-cars.com/nova_1.html
  4. How can anyone call a home "single family" when it's got 29 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms?
  5. Let me check my "petty cash" jug..........nope, got enough for about a half gallon of gas
  6. I've been a insomniac for about as long as i can remember and my wife is a major bed hog (her most comfortabe spot is EXACTLY where my spot is) so sleep for me is very sporadic. I've heard that over-the-counter melatonin suppliments work really well with some people, it mostly works as a mild hypnotic and puts you out. My problem isn't getting to sleep, it's staying asleep so for me it's pretty much perscription drugs or nothing at all
  7. Hey Fixxxer (the folding team IS a really good team to join)
  8. It's unbelievable how many people STILL get scammed knowing how much of this is going on. I personaly have a "form" email that i send in return. I'd post it but i don't want to get myself banned from the Pit (it involves the dubious nature of their heritage and such)
  9. Does it interfere with things like gaming? I do a fair amount of that and don't want to have a bunch of crashes.
  10. I'm running the standard client. Is there a difference in speed or something?
  11. I'm back. I have absolutly no excuse other than i forgot about it My system's on 24/7 anyway so i might as well use it for something other than a night light.
  12. Smart how? There are Idiot Savents that can multiply 3-4 15 number strings in their head faster than a calculator that can barely wipe their own butts. There are also people with genius level IQs that would probably die on the streets because they're not smart enough to adapt. Stephen Hawking is probably one of the most intellegent people around.
  13. That's weird, sounds almost like a driver problem? Or even though it's unlikely, it may be a mechanical problem with the ipod itself, (you wouldn't be the first to get a peice of electronic equipment that doesn't work. I have a brand new $125.00 video card thats junk). I use itunes all the time on a 2.2 gig SINGLE core system running XP Home with no problem. Tech obviously don't know what they're talking about. I don't even have an ipod, just a $49.95 MP3 player. I simple convert the music. Even though you state it's a 5 hour thing to load it through the network, that may be the only way. You should post a test of your system so we can see what your running, they're might be something in your configuration that'll tell us more. http://www.pcpitstop.com/default.asp Click on full Test on the menu to the left. After it's done, you can post the results bacck here. The scan is free.
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