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  1. Thanks again for the feedback. Having looked at all the links and instructions, it makes you wonder how someone other than a "techno-geek" could keep up with what is required to keep Microsoft products useable (said another way....how well would a car brand sell if you needed to be a master mechanic just to keep it on the road on a daily basis). Thanks again....when I have a few hours to kill I will do the 35 steps to install SP3. Thanks Microsoft. )
  2. Actually, I recall that there were two newsletters. Increasingly graphic about not installing the update.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. My machine is clean and problem free. The only reason I never installed it was because the experts at PC Pitstoped talked about all the horror stories about people who installed it when it first came out. They are the ones who highly recommend that it not be installed.
  4. Based on the cautions provided by PC Pitstop, I never loaded SP3 on my machine (Windows XP). I was wondering if it is "safe" to load it now? Any info/advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  5. After alot of headschratching I tried Panda online scanner and it appears to have successfully removed the file. Ran Kaspersky after Pands and came back with zero infections. Hopefully that is the end of it. As a side note, I have confirmed once again hat Norton online support borders on the useless. Time for another product change. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Well...the saga continues. I downloaded ewido and followed your instructions. Shut down system restore and went to safe mode. I ran a full scan using ewida and asked it to clean all infections, which it did. Restarted the computer and ran a scan again using kaspersky. It shows that c:\WINDOWS\system32\phqghume.exe is still there. It further identifies it as Packed.Win.32.Tibs. It says no info is available re the infection. Looks like another full circle. Any ideas on what to do next?
  7. I ran kaspersky after the above post and am just now getting to the results. It shows 4 entries, one of which is "Packed.Win32.Tibs" which appears alongside the refrence of phqghume.exe. It also shows 3 other enries which appear to be associated with the restore function/aspects of XP. I will try running ewido again later today after shutting off system restore.....does this make sense or am I just going in circles? I also forgot to mention that when I ran Ewido I did an online scan and was not asked any of the questions or given any of he options mentioned in your post. Should I have bee
  8. Finally had a chance to install and run a scan. The software found a trojan and it was removed per the software. It is interesting that neither Norton or PC Pitstop antivirus scans did not detect anything. Is it safe to assume that the identified trojan was responsible for the launch of phqghume.exe? Thanks again for the help.
  9. Juliet, Thanks for the reply. Yes, all Windows updates are installed. I am heading out the door shortly so will try the ewido later today and let you know how I make out. I did try Kaspersky last night after my post and it found "Trojan.Win32.Agent.qe", but no indication of how to delete it. I gave up as it was getting pretty late. It also found 2 other items that were located in "quarantine" in Norton. I will post later today after I've had a chance to try the ewido. (Is ths a free package or does it require subscription?) Thanks again.
  10. Soon after starting up my laptop today I recieved a notice from Zone Alarm indicating that "phqghume.exe" was trying to run for the first time. I directed Zone Alarm to block it and proceeded to try and find out a little bit more about phqghume.exe. I ran Norton and also Microsoft AntiSpyware. Both came back with nothing to report. Fom what I could gather from what I found online about phqghume.exe, it would seem it is something that I don't want on my computer, but really not much on what to do about it. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. My skill level on computerise is fair to me
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