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  1. wanted to give a new update i bought a new motherboard Asus rog hero 7 x470 board and well still same problem so far i have bought a new motherboard,ram,hard drives... really dont wanna buy a new CPU
  2. So I just formatted all my hard drives and started from scratch again so reinstalled windows and also redownload steam and a few games (also downloaded uplay and assassins creed odyssey) and so far NO steam games will work now, they crash right when the splash screen starts or just sit with a black window (no error codes) and steam will freeze and will close and wont start back up until I reboot computer. Now the uplay store works just fine and I booted assassins creedy odyssey and that booted great as well (it was fine before all this as well).I'm at a loss at this point since this is fresh n
  3. Thanks nigsy! It's been a long time since I've been able to log into my account!
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