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  1. ok cool gonna go get that on friday then!
  2. ok ill prob pick up that mitsu then =) now one last question how about this one? http://www.amazon.com/Sony-BRAVIA-KDL-52V5...p/dp/B001T9N0FS all these Tvs are about 1000$ from my work (sale going on) and that is with my discount applyed to it
  3. anyone know if the dlp is bright? the one i have now is not rly bright and when i play bioshock and stuff it gets kinda hard to see
  4. no im not ordering it online im getting it at target (i get a 10% discount becuase i work there)
  5. well guys im in the mood of buying a new TV my last one which was a RCA Scenium 50-inch HD50LPW175 DLP tv and i really enjoyed it really good for my Xbox well the reason why im upgrading is becuase my TV is only 720P and i wanna get a 1080P i been looking at these TVs http://www.amazon.com/Mitsubishi-WD-60C9-6...r/dp/B002HHLGD4 and this one http://www.amazon.com/Philips-52PFL5704D-F...9794&sr=1-1 which one do u guys think would be better? im only useing the tv for Xbox,WII, and DVDs on my xbox
  6. well those phones wont go on AT&t =/
  7. well my contract is not rly over still got another year
  8. well i get a upgrade next month and i wanna get rid of my iphone.... i want something that can be a mp3 player, qwerty keyboard (can also be touch screen but it must have a keyboard as well), web surfing, and maybe some youtube. also one thing i did not like about apps on the iphone was that u couldent buy the apps and let it get charge to the bill you had to buy those Itunes cards, the phone dont have to be a touch screen phone i was looking at the black berry bold and that one looks pretty cool
  9. but i do have to say thought when i had Sprint and Verizon i got droped calls alot and with ATT i only had 1 droped call so far (and thats becuase i was pretty much out in the middle of no where in iowa all cornfields lol but i never go out to the country part of iowa that much
  10. on the side of town where i live there is 3g all over but when i go where my girlfriend lives all there is is edge and that is on the east side of town (which is consider the bad part of des moines) and i live on the southside (where is where all the office buildings is at) the apple guy told me i had to pay 150$ to fix it =/ and i bought it for 99$ i know i should of just got a normal phone (yea that black jack phone was on my next phone to get now i wish i would of got it =/ i never use the apps (never even bought a app before) and i never listen to music on it lol pretty much i just bought it to say hey i have a iphone lol ) (when i was with sprint i drop my old phone in water went up there they swtiched the phones and i was on my way but im pretty sure water did not get into it i took care of this phone and baby it to just hear some guy say it cant be fix now go away and never come back until you have money.....
  11. i did like my iphone at first but now i kinda hate it =/ i took it into apple to get it fixed (it wouldent rly hold a charge for long) and i have never ever drop it into Water or anything and allways had a case and i ask the guy if i could get it replaced becuase i still had 6 months left to replace it so he was looking it over and he said well there is a little dust in the port let me go put some air in it so we can get the dust out and he comes back and says there has been water in it and the pink slip was showing....... there is no way water go into that there is just no way and he said well im sorry we cant fix it and i have to put in the computer that it was droped in water and i left very mad =/ never gonna buy it agian or another apple product i hate there return policy i rly think the guy did it him self and just cheated me on it cant wait until my agrement is up so i can get a different smart phone
  12. IceBear


    well there was a update not to long ago by att and it was added MMS and tethering and that tethering option is in my iphone to turn it on or not
  13. IceBear


    ok umm i been wondering i called At&t about the tethering and they said there is no plan for it yet.... so if i use the tethering will i be charge for it? i have the ulimited data plan right now.. has any one tried this yet?
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