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  1. wanted to give a new update i bought a new motherboard Asus rog hero 7 x470 board and well still same problem so far i have bought a new motherboard,ram,hard drives... really dont wanna buy a new CPU
  2. So I just formatted all my hard drives and started from scratch again so reinstalled windows and also redownload steam and a few games (also downloaded uplay and assassins creed odyssey) and so far NO steam games will work now, they crash right when the splash screen starts or just sit with a black window (no error codes) and steam will freeze and will close and wont start back up until I reboot computer. Now the uplay store works just fine and I booted assassins creedy odyssey and that booted great as well (it was fine before all this as well).I'm at a loss at this point since this is fresh n
  3. Thanks nigsy! It's been a long time since I've been able to log into my account!
  4. yea i just got it in today from ups, and i ordered 8 gigs of ram for it and gonna sale the 4gigs it came with
  5. just got my http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215197 with 8 gigs of ram i heard you can OC the card in this one.... is it worth it ? the only games i am playing are Star craft 2,WoW,star wars the old republic (cant wait for it) if it can overclock what program do i use? and what is a safe temp to game at? im just looking for a maybe a mild Oc nothing exterm
  6. sooo i have a problem i have a dell 1545 laptop that had windows vista on it and the harddrive crashed well bought a new one a couple months ago and reinstalled windows vista and everything went good and now one day i went to start the computer and it just hung at the loading screen for windows soo i went to reinstall windows and i keep getting a error right before it tries to install its self 0x80070017 windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupt or missing make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation error code 0x80070017
  7. so i allways wonder this i have a 1.5meg connection DSL thru Qwest, well i noticed when i download files thru Utorrent i can never go past the 150KB rate download rate (and i set the download limit to unlimited) i checked to see my ports are open and they are i just never understood why i download in KB (some people say they download at 700KB which is godly lol) or am i suppose to be downloading at this speed (when i had my Cable 12Meg connection i was downloading at the same speed never above 150KB)
  8. yea internet works on my ps3 i tried connecting it to the modem wired and it worked fine found it real fast but once i got back to wireless it dont work =/ and i have to keep it wireless becuase my ps3 is in a different room (and i dont think that plug will work in the US it looks well different lol)
  9. yea all of those would work but my problem is nothing will detect my ps3...that VLC cant find my ps3 and WMP wont find my ps3 i also downloaded a program called PS3 media server and still cant find my ps3 i went on my ps3 and checked for media servers and no go =( i looked at ALOT of how to's but i just get stuck on the part of finding my ps3 also tried this program as well TVersity and still no go cant detect ps3
  10. media shareing is on but for some reason it wont detect my ps3 =/ and my ps3 wont detect my computer
  11. sooo i have a question on my laptop (which is wireless) i have ton of movies that i wanna watch on my tv (stream to my ps3) but i dont wanna run a cord from my laptop to my ps3 i wanna make a wireless network from my ps3 to computer and get my movies wireless is there a way to do this? btw im running windows 7 home prem 64bit on my laptop i noticed there is a thing on here called homegroup
  12. well when i leave for work its at 100% i work 9 hour days and i do some heavy texting and for a straight hour im playing games/surfing the web/texting/calling and by the time i get home its at about 55% also set the battery to smart mode and turned google sync off
  13. nexus was to much money lol
  14. i was reading that once a root comes out u can overclock this phone? if u can maybe faster then the iphone? the droid got to 1.1ghz stable
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