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  1. artist


    I have enjoyed these throughout the year. Thanks for the smiles....
  2. Aren't those scans wonderful??!! Doesn't matter what sex really - you can always go on trying for the other one. I know someone who had 8 boys - gave up after that.
  3. That's sad - he was only a young bloke................
  4. Totally agree. Excellent game last night though. Why do they always leave it until the last minute to get a goal!!!
  5. Totally agree with you. I wanted the Aussies to win - less threat than Italy......... (just joking, honest!!)
  6. Well, I'm obviously very stupid - sorry. As for the other comment - shame on you!!
  7. Ankhesenamun !!! I had to google that - and am none the wiser - got bogged down with facts...........
  8. I am the Beast, with weapon out. 'tis well that no-one is about[/i] TUT!!!
  9. ... I need something long and black , and with a high cyclic rate that I can oil and admire ..... It would help me get into character ..give me a motive ...a focus ..... My hero!
  10. I'm fed up with this referral! It's not like I've got much of a part......... I'm feeling a bit down today - facing mortality soon.....
  11. 'A chosen few, eh?' Who are those - I feel I should have a choice.............
  12. So, let me get this straight - it's Devanski who's going to eat me - after Juliet had cooked me? So who's doing the killing? (I need to know so I can take evasive action)
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