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    dell dimension 8400, 300mhz, 512mb core, 60gb fdd, cd+rw, dvd r, dvd+rw x 2
  1. well, i guess this is letting you know. sorry i have to say this is the best run board and most user friendly! now i just need the most picky picky picky automated mechanic i can find. i remember how long it took me to find a problem with dell's bios code on a 486. the int 2 mouse code was popping off the stack and climbing the video mem. i think that's happening here along with a glitch in the windows live toolbar!
  2. [ so, i think i need a full tune up and full system and explorer fix (including the windows system tray). which would you recommend and how do i invoke the 30 day guarantee ?
  3. yup, langa's site! pitstop just isn't checking and fixing as much, er, stuff as others find in their scans. i really need to understand why not and get it resolved before it's too late to return. can you help ?
  4. :help: i'm a bit lost too i just bought pc pitstop after an msn recommendation, but pc energizer shows 61 errors left. which is right ? btw: the browsertune link only works up to the first section tests
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