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  1. __________________________________________________________________________ My question keeps changing because everyone is either misunderstood or doesn't know anything about encryption, and i'm trying to get an answer. My question was how does someone create a SHA-1 (160bits) algorithm to encrypt messages. Is that plain in simple or do i have to break it down even more!
  2. ______________________________________________________________________ Ok, let be break it down. I want to create a public and private key that is 160bits. How would i go about doing it?
  3. ______________________________________________________________ I wanted to know how would i go about creating a SHA-1 public and private key. I have some very confidential information, and i want to use SHA-1 cipher strength encryption.
  4. Hello group, I was wondering if anyone here knows how to create a SHA-1 hash algorithm, if so, how do you create one? Thanks
  5. Pop down, Could you please post a tech express? That would help..
  6. Technically, there is no way to hide you ip address. A ip address is like your home address, if you do not give your address to the water company they cannot supply you with water. The same way goes with ip addresses. If you had no ip address you would have no access to the net. Even if you use a proxy or An anonymous ip system, an advanced packet sniffer could detect the proxy and re-route and trace back to the originating ip address. But, if you wanted to you could use a proxy to be remotely secure.. But, not anonymous... The notion of being secure and completely anonymous is crazy... If you
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