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  1. I'm interested in the setup just from a technical point of view. Yeah, if I didn't have a wife, kids, and trying to startup a company, who knows? Besides, I stopped playing MMORPGs back in college when I needed to be studying. It would be cool to play BF2 that way though.
  2. Yes, and problems are usually addressed sooner than with Windows. You can download a "Live CD" that will allow you to boot from the CD using Linux. Nothing is installed, it just runs Linux from the CD. This would be a good way to just test it out a bit.
  3. I think that's an over broad statement. When you start the server, you can either have it run off the default port or enter in a port number. I think they were wanting to open all possible ports that can be configured with the game.
  4. On another sad note, I've heard that they bought Bioware. http://investor.ea.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=881...&highlight=
  5. Funny that yesterday I happened to go to the OpenSuse website and saw that version 10.3 was available. I haven't kept up with it for a while, so I was a bit surprised to learn here that yesterday was the first day it was available. Anyway, I've downloaded it. I haven't had a chance to play with it for a while.
  6. From my understanding, if you buy the retail version, it includes both 32 and 64 bit versions. Or is that only for the Ultimate version? Most 32 bit software works great on 64 bit OS. However, 32 bit drivers typically don't work with a 64 bit OS. That is where the issue lies. If companies don't write 64 bit drivers for their hardware, the people who already have that hardware won't use the 64 bit OS. I guess you could say that is a case of money, since a company wouldn't think it would be worth-while to make 64 bit drivers since no one uses a 64 bit OS.
  7. Actually, the reason for that is the limitation of 32bit operating system. If you had the 64bit version, it would show the entire 4 gb. You may not necessarily be able to use the entire 4 gig if all the other software is 32 bit software. This isn't anything about money, but the limitation of using 32 bit OS. On-board video does use system memory, but I haven't heard of it using an entire gig of memory. A discrete graphics card has it's own memory.
  8. The main reason I haven't switched yet is because of gaming. If I have the OS interupt a game just to pop up some ad, then I will stop playing games altogether on the PC. Heck, we bought a Wii for my wife, it's time that I start using that.
  9. Uh, yeah. I don't think this will fly. Definitely not with me.
  10. Cowboy3000


    Are you using the computer in your tech express link? I see no reason why an Athlon 3200 wouldn't be fast enough. With more ram, more of the program can be loaded into ram. This is much faster than reading from a hard drive. With less ram, it loads what it needs into ram and then has to either page (use part of the hard drive as ram) or it unloads it from ram and loads other parts of the program it needs from ram. So, with more ram, you have less hard drive activity which means smoother performance. Then again, if you're using the computer in the tech express link, your problem is mor
  11. Yeah, but if people are sticking with XP, it won't be long until microsoft ends all updates and support for XP just to get people to switch.
  12. As I was reading this, I was left scratching my head. Why does the EU not want Media Player included in Windows? I mean, what's wrong with providing something for free? Are they wanting to protect companies that sell different types of players? To me, it seems that the customer loses out on this one.
  13. Missoura?!?! Where's that? I can't find that on google maps.
  14. I can't believe I agree with Bruce and BadBinary. But, then again, this isn't PD. If it's soo expensive, wouldn't it be easier in the interim to figure a way to do a monthly cap, and have a way of letting the customer know what that cap is and what percentage of that cap they are at?
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