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  1. well i use a router, so there isnt really a master pc. also, im just trying to get the shared documents to work for now.
  2. Basically ive got a laptop and a windows pc. the laptop can see the pc and access it. the pc cant access the laptop. they are both on the same workgroup (mshome) and i ran the network wizard on the lappy and copied the settings to a flash drive and ran the same thing on the pc. still nothing. any ideas? the error that i get on the pc is "\\mumslaptop is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administator of this servor to find out if you have the access permissions. the network path was not found".
  3. i found a piece of software to use. i now need to be able to block these ips from accessing the network. any ideas?
  4. that didnt really help. is there any way to see just off a specific ethernet adaptor so as all the stuff running on the currenty pc isnt picked up?
  5. Im looking for a piece of software that shows me what ips are currently connected through my pc. I use this pc that im on as a router but id like to see what connections come from other pcs through to the internet. Id also like to be able to block the connections in case.
  6. rt i read that article and i thin possibly it might have something to do with my usb keyboard and mouse. Oh and my webcam. Sometimes if i plug something into the second port on the keyboard (it has a 2 port hub, one for the mouse). i get a message about there not being enough power. try another port. Does that help at all. Im gonna unplug my camera for a bit and see what happens because that takes up the power cos there is no batteries in it so it runs on usb power. Duanester i looked for something like that and there was nothing there. There was a tab with a white box on the left with things like singal strength and stuff. And there was one for power but the one it was on sounded like it wasnt a power saving one but the other two were. Dough, those are internet setting, correct? Mine all already set like that because im using a cable modem. Why would that affect it? Just to add to the first post, it only does it when the pc is using the net, such as downloading, not when im on xbox live. oh and ips are assigned forever i think because the ip on this pc hasnt changed since i got it (bout 2 months ago).
  7. I purchased a wirless adaptor a while ago (linksys hr200). It uses a usb interface but after around and hour sometimes it turns off (the lights go off and the network disconnects). If i unplug it then plug back in it works, but its really annoying when downloading large files because it just stops. Any ideas? Oh, btw you probably wont find the adaptor on the net because linksys made it exclusive to tesco. theres no mention on their site either.
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