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  1. you could possibly also get an access point and plug it in on one of the routers existing ports.
  2. do you mean that there are black bars around the edge of your desktop? if so, thats because different resolutions have different sync rates. you need to consult your monitors manual, or play around with any buttons/dials that adjust the monitor. i may have misread your first post though.
  3. i have a similar problem. right now my router is about 4 feet below me. the only thing that i reckon that causes poor signal is interference. i have 4 cordless phones in my house, plus a few people around me have them aswell. they seem to be the main source. also, CRT monitors cause tonnes of interference, aswell as microwave ovens.
  4. i had a problem like this. it turned out to be the processor.
  5. i had a problem like this. it turned out to be the processor.
  6. ahaha thats funny. as far executioners problem...does it load windows at all (i might have missed something in the previous posts)? if it does then i would say its windows doing something. have you got a clock program or something running in windows?that could be outputting through pc speaker. unlikely but just a suggestion.
  7. mattme121

    Red Hat

    i have red hat and i think its better than mandrake.it takes a while to download but it runs really smooth without problems and is very customizable.better than windows(well sort of!!!)
  8. 1 other from the same batch of cds only a slight bubble i burnt a 3rd disk but it hasnt had any probs so far ive only burnt at 52x 3 times
  9. i payed quite a bit they're eproformance i payed bout £8 for 50
  10. recently i was burning a 48x grade cd at 52x when i went 2 play the music it only got about 30 mins into it then it stopped. i tried to play iot again and it didnt work so i went 2 clean it and there was a sort of bubble on the bubble.i peeled the label and all the cd material came off on the label and made the disc clear. if u burn a disk too fast does it cause this?
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