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  1. Pcpitstop already got its miracle this year ill keep to myself what it is tho PS. i wonder what the pitwar room password is ... i already tried ' wewilllose ' and ' TRPownsus ' they didnt seem to work tho
  2. it varies so much depending on ambiant and my setup has dual rads. at 3.6ghz its always between 30-40C idle unless its chilly in the room. Load i never take much notice of id say 55C MAX, but that would be on a 100% cpu orthos run. Your almost never going to run the cpu that much unless you encode alot. Those temps are internal to from coretemp surface temp is probably around 15-25C depending on ambiant, at idle.
  3. dangerden.com or swiftech. DD have combo deal on the d5 pump and TDX block last i looked 5-6 ft of tygon and atleast a 240 rad. I personally like the swiftech micro res because it's nice and small and can go anywere, but thats just personal taste.
  4. Single card, you always think im running two [email protected] [email protected]/2000 my norm settings Well to be honest i do have 2 vga cards the other is my anchient PCI S3 Trio32/64 i have installed for emergencies or for when i have a overlap when getting a new card.
  5. My standard gaming speeds. edited by Raptor.... Dont stretch the forum with large pic's please
  6. Anyone can buy parts, its what you can do with it that matters Just ask raymo the supreme OCer
  7. Yea id get a new one if your running good gear NEVER skimp on the psu a good 600W will do you fine if you intend to do some decent OC ing 700W+ is a good idea
  8. if its new delete the partition and create a new one. should ask to format somewere along the road too
  9. Like they say pit hates sli if you disable it in the driver options you will see that score shoot up lol
  10. i was BrokeN on RF i stopped playing it when i got my GTX the graphics are all screwy and as usual its a nvidia driver issue id love to play it but i just cant
  11. I dont really see the point in any of these tools, as long as your router is set up properly you generally get what you pay for from your isp.
  12. First its nice to know what mobo you are using, someone might have the same board as you and be more usefull. The main thing to check is that you bios isnt configured to SATA only, if it is your IDE just wont work there should be a option for Raid, sata , auto , and something esle i cant remember but it will show a description for what each does on the right of the screen when each is highlighted. After that make sure the IDE drive is the Primary boot drive. Sry but i havent been in my bios for a while and cant remember what on earth they are called lol. Im sure someone else will fill in t
  13. As i always say ill wait till its actually out before i judge it . Its quite funny reading the responces saying how it will be the best own the 88GTX etc etc. It always seems to be the people that own a midrange card that say these things and cant afford a new card. It get old seriously...
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