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  1. Good to see you too Caintry boy and Jacee.
  2. Works for me, well done Ray, some incredible cooling systems in that challenge :help:
  3. Actually, I think he'll like this one more: High res Photo...dial up warning
  4. johm98, unfortunately Adobe has allowed Yahoo to attach thier software to its download. Just go to Control Panel>Install/Uninstall Programs>locate Yahoo Tool Bar>Then uninstall it, then do the same with the Adobe photo alblum. X_C
  5. We need this smilie added Glad more of you enjoyed the photos, I was hoping more of you would get a chuckle and not spend too much time wondering if they were real photos Happy Weekend! X_C
  6. You'll need to resize that photo there poru!
  7. Atleast someone got it...Happy Weekend Bruce! Just kidding all! Have a good one! X_C
  8. 5 things that would make you say "Oh [email protected]*t!" <---Edited Happy Weeend! X_C
  9. 1) CPU 2) Motherboard 3) RAM 4) Video card 5) Power supply 6) HDD 7 Fans Now, whats the budget?
  10. Its hard to say unless you try a few things like different PSU or run Powermax.
  11. You need to check the HDDs, I would run PowerMax from Maxtor and check both your HDDs.
  12. I agree, I would look at this one for only a few £ more: http://www.savastore.com/productinfo/produ...id=207&rstrat=0
  13. Let us know if the slipstream works out for ya. X_C
  14. Hmmm...I have not had this kind of trouble installing RAID on 2000 before, wish I could have been more help :crash:
  15. I believe you can only do that if you intend on making RAID 1, if RAID 0, you need to complete the F6 install method.
  16. I'll check back with you shortly, I have to run for a short bit. Keep workin with it, its worth it. :beer:
  17. Here are all the drivers you need: http://www.giga-byte.com/Motherboard/Suppo...A-K8NXP-SLI.htm Here is the install instructions for SATA and RAID http://america.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/F..._ultrasli_e.pdf
  18. Ok, Moon, have you sett the motherboard NF4 SATA to RAID and enabled each SATA to be included in the RAID array? Also, you need to make the Array in the RAID BIOS that appears once you have told the MOBO to enable RAID.
  19. Plus, if I remember properly, you are using an nf4 mobo, right? If so, make sure you follow my instructions HERE X_C
  20. Did you install both the RAID drivers and Storage Drivers? You need to install both at the F6 command.
  21. I actually agree with Blue on this one, besides a good defrag, it looks as tho your chipset drivers are bad. I would download the newest from NVidia and make sure it loades the IDE drivers. Then do a defrag and try your score again. X_C
  22. We need to see a pit test to help. :beer:
  23. Here is mine, in Canada, its Xtreme Speed by Shaw Cable Test details: 3354 kilobytes downloaded in 3.875 seconds. Receive buffer size: Not available X_C
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