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  1. Good to see you too Caintry boy and Jacee.
  2. Can't say I haven't done somethin like that :crash:
  3. Works for me, well done Ray, some incredible cooling systems in that challenge :help:
  4. Very common problem for laptops, usual way to fix it is to pop open the laptop and remove the keyboard, clean contacts and re-asemble it. If you don't want to try this on your own, a pc store can do this quickly for you, usually costs about 40 bucks. Oh, and she owes you dinner for your troubles
  5. Actually, I think he'll like this one more: High res Photo...dial up warning
  6. Welcome to the Pit, your guy is well respected around here and I'm sure you'll find this a great place to visit. Grab a :beer: and enjoy yourself X_C
  7. Glad that worked for ya, I always keep two or three BIOS chips on hand in case of a failed attempt, it has only happened once in a year but I was glad I had the other chip just in case They usually only cost about 5.00 from the MOBO manufacturer.
  8. johm98, unfortunately Adobe has allowed Yahoo to attach thier software to its download. Just go to Control Panel>Install/Uninstall Programs>locate Yahoo Tool Bar>Then uninstall it, then do the same with the Adobe photo alblum. X_C
  9. Could be a couple of things, bad bios due to becoming corrupted or bad CMOS battery or bad IDE cable. I would first try to see if you can flash the bios again with a fresh bios upload. Then if it still continues, try changing the IDE cable. X_C
  10. We need this smilie added Glad more of you enjoyed the photos, I was hoping more of you would get a chuckle and not spend too much time wondering if they were real photos Happy Weekend! X_C
  11. You'll need to resize that photo there poru!
  12. Atleast someone got it...Happy Weekend Bruce! Just kidding all! Have a good one! X_C
  13. 5 things that would make you say "Oh [email protected]*t!" <---Edited Happy Weeend! X_C
  14. 1) CPU 2) Motherboard 3) RAM 4) Video card 5) Power supply 6) HDD 7 Fans Now, whats the budget?
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