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  1. Thanks I_G, I'll let you know the results.
  2. Thanks for the HB's! Had a great day, turned into a great weekend. Terry1966: Gee, Thanks Terry Working too much can make you old early I guess? Cheers everyone! X_C (Don)
  3. Really good, It took a long time before I had enough time to build and set it up. I've had all the boxes sitting in storage, it just drove me nuts not being able to see how this badboy could run. Thanks for the advice, any new benchmarks I should try out? X_C (Don)
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=23556181
  5. Thanks everyone, I had a good time! Cheers! X_C (Don)
  6. Looks like a great PC, not everone is up to the task of building their own but if you do decide to build one, we here at PC pit will gladly help.
  7. Excellent List, I'll just add a few: Boston WhiteSnake SuperTramp Hall and Oats Styx Eric Clapton Duran Duran And too many more
  8. Some times you can use two different drives, the RAID software will just shorten the larger drive to 36GB. But, since you are using a Raptor, the Seek times, access times and spin speed will not match at all. I would either get anouther Raptor or buy two cheap Sata2 drives. use the Raptor as a storage drive. X_C
  9. If you do a restore, you will not lose downloads or files but you will lose any installed programs and drivers after that point. To do a restore, click-Start-Help and Support-system restore Then slect the date and restore point you want to go back to. X_C
  10. duanester, 14,769 posts means you already have paid the Pit. Well done pal. X_C
  11. Like Bruce Says, they do not usually include a case, here is a suggestion, these are well padded: Click here to view X_C
  12. Looks real good bear, Acer builds some of the best LCD screens for lappies, you'll enjoy it. One Note on what Jacee mentioned, I have purchased probably close to 40 Acer Laptops in just the last 4 months for clients and the one draw back is the protection around the HDD. When transporting, making sure you have a good secure case and it will be fine. They can act up when bumped too hard. But, it really is a good laptop. X_C
  13. http://localpcbuilder.com/redeem/ Offer details: http://localpcbuilder.com/offers/ USA only! Just in case some of you didn't know this existed. I didn't know. X_C
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