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  1. Well, as fortune would have it, the ethernet ports on the gateway blew out. It was really strange, ethernet wouldn't work but wifi was still chugging along. Anyway got a new one and so far seems clear - must have been the router that was compromised. Strange, can't imagine how that could have happened. I miss the old PC pitstop forums, back in the early aughts I would've had a dozen answers/solutions posted here. RIP all things must pass I guess.
  2. Hi all, I hadn't given this another thought as internet stopped being slow. But now it is unbearable again. I could paste another log but it's similar to the one above. Restarting router does not seem to work, the attacks always start again shortly after. Either a computer is compromised or the router is. How do I find out which? I can already rule out mine at least. It's either the win8 laptop my roomate uses or the router.
  3. This is ongoing 24 hours a day. It is seriously impacting my internet speed. I know I can't stop the attacks, but is there a way to filter them so they don't interfere with my connection? Here is a snippet from my router log: INF 2018-04-19T17:58:23-07:00 fw,fwmon src= dst=xx.xx.xx.xx ipprot=6 sport=45816 dport=1433 Telnet Dropped INF 2018-04-19T17:58:23-07:00 fw,fwmon src= dst=xx.xx.xx.xx ipprot=6 sport=45816 dport=1433 Telnet Dropped INF 2018-04-19T17:58:05-07:00 fw,fwmon src= dst=xx.xx.xx.xx ipprot
  4. Hi, if you read my other topic - I figured out the problem but now I have another. I am letting Vonage's Motorola VT2442 Voice Gateway act as a router. The phone works and both computers are connected to the Internet, no problem. However, there's something weird going on. I can't log into yahoo games and some other sites. My cookies seem to be expiring everywhere. I can't stay automatically logged in at any site. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Yeah I had the thought that it might be a server-side issue after posting this topic. Wanted to get feedback first.
  6. I run a website so I use FTP a lot, obviously. I was on Covad DSL in Arizona and never had a problem uploading to FTP - it was just a bit slow. I'd usually upload at about 3-5 kb per sec. Now I'm here in Florida on this blazing fast Cox Cable connection. I can upload at about 60 kb per sec but for some reason, when I try to upload a lot of files at once, the transfer freezes. It's like my FTP chokes or something. I've tried two different versions of WS_FTP, SmartFTP, etc - the same thing happens when I try to upload a lot at once, it seemingly just chokes the connection and sometimes it h
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