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  1. Thanks to all who offered information. I went ahead and uninstalled IE7 and tried to do the IE6 repair,but both require the disc which I do not have. I guess there is no other way to do this?
  2. Well I'm back again. I am hesitant to uninstall IE7 without knowing if I have IE6. It does not show up in the folders.IE7 does. So to give it another chance,,maybe someone can help with these issues.When I open IE7 I get the welcome page where I can customize my settings.None of the links work.I click on the search option to select what I want but nothing shows up How do I get it to open with my home page?Also I have pop ups turned off,but still get the information bar.How do I stop that?None of the links in my emails work either.
  3. Yes I can find the uninstall folder. I only see IE7.If I uninstall this,will I then have IE6 back?
  4. Thanks for the info. I opened my add/remove program(takes about 2 min to open)and internet explorer 6 or 7,neither were there.So I could not uninstall.I do not want IE 8.I tried the IE 6 repair before,but need the disc,which I do not have.It was not in the Dell bundle when I bought it. Also now, IE does not even open,none of my email links open either.I have run Spybot Sd,adaware,spyware terminator,avg,malwarebytes,Ccleaner and glary utilities.Any other suggestions?
  5. Hi, downloaded IE 7 by mistake.I was having trouble with IE and kept getting the "need to shut down" error,this is the reason for the download. I did not catch it that I had IE 6.Is there any way to go back to IE 6?I tried to do this,but was told it could not install because I had a newer version.I really do not like the IE 7.
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