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  1. That's because everyone loves you Bruce and someone apparently hates me ! The pm was to a person who is a modererator at the second forum. It made reference to it ( the other forum ) and was apparently setup to look like I did it since it used my IP. Somebody wanted to cause me a problem and was successful !!! I am looking to somehow prove I did not do it. Impossible to prove huh ??? Also impossible to prove someone else used my IP ??? No win situation ( except for the that accomplished this !!! )
  2. Thanks for the replies. Well the problem is that I am told I am the 'only' one at that second forum with that IP - I guess all SBC DSL start with a certain number. Plus when I have done traces of my IP's they all trace to Chicago and I guess I am the only one who's on SBC in the Chicago-area on the forum ??? Can someone actually take an IP and somehow use / assign it to themselves for a period of time ? Is there some kind of hack / software to do this ? ( if so, how can you prevent it ? ) I have never used a proxy and don't know anything about them - can you just take 'any' IP address and use it ?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply - No wireless ...
  4. I have SBC Yahoo DSL - dynamic IP ... How is it possible that someone used my IP address to login to a forum ? How did someone manage to 'steal' my IP and use it ? I realize that it changes since it is dynamic but a forum notified me that my IP was used on another forum to post a nasty pm to someone - that webmaster apparently sent it ( with the IP ) to this other webmaster and I am the 'only' one with that IP on his forum. I had not ever been to the forum in question so how is it possible for someone to take my IP and use it to post anywhere ??? I will greatly appreciate your thoughts and help in this matter. I need to find out how this was done ! ( and if possible, prevent it from ever happening again !!! ) * Nobody had access to this pc & nobody knows my login with password to the forum I spoke of. Thank You Mary
  5. lilBill Merry Christmas to You also
  6. JackeL & dickster Thank You for your replies. I ran scan after scan on the pc. No virus, no Trojan, no worm, no adware, no spyware. Years ago I ran across a keyboard that had a constant noise (which was a stuck key) so I figured it could not be the keyboard doing these Bizarre things because it was silent. I thought ok, I will try it. I swapped the keyboard with another. WOW ! Never would have guessed that the keyboard was indeed possessed and overtook the pc ! I appreciate your help more than I can express. The situation was insane – I had never run across such behavior ! I am so happy that the reinstall did not work, I would be still replacing programs … JackeL – Have you seen this happen before ? Like dickster, I figured something gained entry – & none of my protection caught it … Thank You ( Sanity saved for the moment ! *S* ) Mary
  7. A Bizarre set of symptoms on a pc running WinXP Pro sp2 : Cannot boot into safemode - in fact when starting doesn't seem recognize that you push F8. Any system restore point you pick does not work - the graph starts then it flies through reboots & tells you it could not be restored to that point. Seems rather normal when running - can get online, outlook express receives mail, BUT you cannot type anything except little squares ! Even when you backspace it produces a line of squares ! If to have a shortcut to a site, you arrive there ok but if you have to login, as soon as you type a letter a box comes up telling you that you have to login ! If you insert the os reinstall disk, it goes ok until it asks for the serial number then you cannot type anything in the area ! I believe the squares are reserved for the address bar ? Ran checkdisk - no problems found. Same with Norton utilities, disk doctor, windoctor. When you pull up any list - like in my computer the list of drives, whatever you choose gets highlighted but if you choose another, they are Both highlighted. Plus if you click the second one the first one comes up at the same time ! I don't know if there are more "little things" that aren't right or not ... * Seems like this is a rather unique / unusual problem and unless you have experienced it, you have No Idea what is going on with the pc / nor what is wrong with it !?! Anyone seen this Bizarre behavior before ? Any ideas ? Thank You Mary
  8. Thank You Site looks very informative - I will have to read it all ! * I thought graphics were graphics too ! Mary
  9. I had been using a pc running at 866 - I use "FreeMem" and had to keep an eye on it because I would freeze & crash if I had too much going on. Photoshop takes a lot of RAM & CPU ! Wouldn't even dream of the luxury of having some music playing at the same time Decided to get a new one and when it came to options I went "all out" - this pc will last me the rest of my life ! Dell XPS 600, since it is a "gamers pc" had many things standard that I changed. No surround sound, no RAID, wireless game mouse, etc ... I did change the drive to 500GB and kept the fantastic NVIDIA. It has settings in a drop-down menu - presets - for all kinds of games - pretty much the ones they benchmarked it for, I guess. But Nothing - No presets for non-game use ! They should have optional presets for Photoshop !!! * the use of Photoshop was ok on the other pc. It strained & maxed it but was do-able. I did not "need" this for using PS, I realize that. I just happen to have it and want to make the most of it ... I do have the settings at maximum quality not maximum performance but the use of Anisotropic, Trilinear, LOD, mipmap, conformant texture clamp, ETC. is MORE than OVERWHELMING !!! Hovering on them does give you clues but ... LOL Thanks for your response Mary
  10. I posted my tech results in the appropriate section and figured I would ask here ... Anyone using this for their graphics ? I need help from someone with the patience to tell me what settings give best results - there are TOO many options in the NVIDIA settings tab. I want what would be ideal for PhotoShop. (Not gaming) The performance & quality settings (like 17 of them) are too much for me to understand - I never dealt with those types of settings before. Thank You Mary
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