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  1. m, looks like you have found your niche ! Always the Artist *S* Mary
  2. That is Wonderful news !!! (Glad someone bumped this thread - have been out of touch with here for a Long time) Best Wishes to you both & a :beer: raised in a toast to the happy couple *S* May all your combined dreams come true & live a "happily ever after" life * the UK's Loss is IN's Gain - hm ... boring Indiana ? Well, boring can be good and yer right close to them big city folk in Indy (Chicago can be a daytrip for you too - ah, "tourist crap" lol ) Important thing is life is short, enjoy it and be happy. Great that you two found
  3. Both my parents (1 block away) and I both have 56K and the same ISP. Theirs connects at 28 - mine at either 48 or 49.3 - it is your ISP / techs there that give you that speed ... When they got a new computer, I had a problem reconnecting them to the ISP - once solved, on the phone with the tech, I said, hey, wait , it is only connected at 28 ! He said well, best we can do, we will be getting new lines soon ... (still waiting for an improvement)
  4. You sure are getting alot of postings ... Especially in the User to User section. Word must be out about how great the people are here ! *S* BTW - Dave, Thanks Again for the Bugtoaster link it is a very interesting site.
  5. Peking huh ? I had 2 peking ducks - Dum Dum & Brainstorm ... *S* ( for trivia - names from Talk Talk (Dum Dum Girl) & Hawkwind (Brainstorm) )
  6. The thought of police did come to mind at first but the lack of tangible evidence ... Perhaps if you did call them, they might patrol your building to a greater extent ? You didn't say what happened after you told the office the second time ... *seems they would take an active interest in destruction of their property and possible pending lawsuits ???
  7. NORTON !!! king13028 : You NEED a firewall with ANY / ALL internet connections ...
  8. Well, I have had NIS & NSW for 2 years and no problems. I think the NSW 2003 is GREAT !!!
  9. Yes, I have been using it for a couple of months - it is good. Add in PestPatrol, & AdAware and you got a good thing going ...
  10. NORTON SYSTEMWORKS 2003 I purchased it online for $25.00 - get a rebate for $30.00 - so they are paying me $5.00 to use it !!! GREAT UTILITIES TOO !
  11. A couple of times I received some klez att. email from unknown senders and hit reply and sent it back - with a message stating do not send me any more viruses - never heard from them again ... *S* BTW - mail2world.com is a free email available which is the best I have seen - included is a button to click on each received email to scan attachments for viruses. *see their home page for all the services you get - it is INCREDIBLE - all for FREE !!! ( I have Norton too so I have never been affected )
  12. Excellent notification, however, he sounds like an a****** that might be thrilled to get more attention and cause you more problems. I think I would invest in a smoke alarm for the laundry room if it doesn't have one. I would have to say that it is worth a shot to try to "reason" with a moron who is apparently looking for attention. Strange that he is keeping the fire contained that way, in the drier, seems he is not motivated to harm anyone. Then again, it IS the smoke that kills most people in fires and not burns. Sorry to hear about your situation and good luck ! *S*
  13. Hmmmmm ... Seems I had a major problem with this beta Immunization ... It adds a sdhelper.dll that was causing IE to send error reports ( you lose track after about a dozen in a day ... ) I uninstalled and reinstalled Spybot without adding the beta update and no problems so far. SO, IF you do try it out and have IE .............................................. ( maybe just my particular configuration ? WinMe / IE 5.5 (2) )
  14. Thanks Ed1 - however, I only have an installation history listed at MS and the errors reporting is not listed as a separate item. In my add and remove programs, Internet Explorer Watson is not listed. On the bright side *S* ......................... I uninstalled Spybot and reinstalled it - I searched and the sdhelper.dll is gone !!! It must have been added when I updated Spybot and added the Immunize application. ( ah the joys of beta programs ... ) Lockergnome might not of had any problems but ... ( NO error reports so far ... hoping ...................................
  15. Thank You for the replies ! Volt : I guess I downloaded this problem by installing service pack 5.5 (2) it must have installed this ever so charming feature of error reporting. (strange that I have only been having these errors for about a week and I loaded the 5.5 (2) last year ... ) Dave : I am installing Bugtoaster, don't know what it will do but I have to somehow stop this problem !!! * today I sent MS probably a dozen reports - they must have an entire file with the Mysterious sdhelper.dll ! - Bugtoaster reported on their site that 1 computer reported it - could not
  16. Rnav2003.exe After you select NAV and version, search for this ... This is a NAV 2003 uninstall tool from Symantec - hope it helps Knowledge base is quite extensive there - and tech support has been pretty good to me ...
  17. I too am sorry to hear about your dog. My pets always become family members and not " just pets " so it is a terrible loss when something happens.
  18. IE has caused an error - IE will now close - So, has anyone ever gotten a response from sending in the reports ? I am running IE 5.5 on WinMe the info on the error is : AppName : iexplorer.exe AppVersion : 5.51.4807.2300 ModName : sdhelper.dll ModVersion : OffSet : 0007d67a Anyone know what this means & how to fix it ???
  19. I would like to Thank You for your help - seems that it is going to take awhile to figure this out. I am prepared for the worst ( I hope ) Going to recheck for dust - it was cleaned not that long ago ... Still noisy but more of a constant sound like an aquarium pump though not as loud. Green (hard drive) light still flashing when it feels like. Dell's site has some pretty good step-by-step information to trouble shoot noise also. Biggest pain is making sure 2600 MP3's are copied correctly ! *S* Thanks Again - Mary * just kidding - do not turn-in my ISP , I have NO MPs
  20. The last few days my modem is making unusual noises. They are hard to describe but, like a dragging noise - it is almost constant - also the tiny circular green light keeps flashing on and off - every time the drag noise starts it flashes. Kind of a drag / flash stop, drag / flash stop. At about the speed it took you to read that ... PitStop tests note nothing wrong - Norton finds nothing, Device Manage says the modem is working properly ... Besides being annoying, I would hate to be screwing up the modem / computer in the long run ... Conexant HCF V90 56K Data Fax PCI
  21. Franglais : One of the safest groups on the internet ? Have you READ some of these threads ??? *S* Just kidding , I agree with you on that ! It truly IS up to his parents to moderate him not the moderators at PitStop's job ... They are not sitters for the people who come here (keepers maybe ... lol ) Judging from past threads, his parents don't mind him coming here, just get upset if he "fixes" their PC !!! This site is not alone in having kids being with mainly adults - an example is POGO, there are kids there who are in rooms with only adults and seem to fit in fine ( s
  22. TASKLIST This site lists what those tasks are ...
  23. I am having the same problem ... for the last few days ... I am running IE 5.5 on WinMe the info on the error is : AppName : iexplorer.exe AppVersion : 5.51.4807.2300 ModName : sdhelper.dll ModVersion : OffSet : 0007d67a Any Ideas ? - no rhyme or reason when it occurs - even happened several times while trying to test the machine at PitStop ( had to start back at the beginning ) Thank You - Mary btw : My PitStop results are the same as they usually are ... *In fact , right after this post, it happened again !
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