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  1. It may be different for me and my cruddy ati card with its 512m of memory. But overclocking core speed seems to have a greater effect on 3d scores than overclocking memory. That may be something to try with this bad run of nvidia chipsets.
  2. Do you have a mobo in mind yet?
  3. Raymo used 9.103.213 and the mem score went through like ours.
  4. His score should be somewhere around 12790. That is just rounding all of the numbers up and adding them together, using only the first 4 digits of the cach score. ie 15222 would equal 1522.
  5. I figured out the formula. I'll talk to flew abit it at work. Basically the last value "cache" is just added together using the first 4 digits only. In beasts case, he is somehow able to use all 5.
  6. I couldn't find a link of hiyohi's email. Each of these numbers are definitely assigned a value that they are divided by probably individually then added together. It is math, so there is either a glich going on or a hack. Maybe your score is just low I_G?
  7. Do we know how that final score is calculated? I added total points and divided by 2 but that gave me 18000 and change on your score I_G. I've spent a couple of minutes scouring the net trying to find the equation, as it is going to be just a spreadsheet. Beast's total comes to 26493.3 which isn't the same as his score either. Should we email CrystalDewWorld? Just a sec.
  8. I tried to put the ram clock down to 266 to get the cpu up to 2600, but for some reason the ram doesn't like to start out clocked that low. Corsair Value select ddr 400. Any ideas? I'm still at stock voltage. CPU core 1.40V DDR ram 2.60V DDR ref -60mV
  9. Yeah, it is in the test results section also. I didn't actually mean to double post.
  10. Abit Kn8 Ultra, Opteron 144, rx700-le, Wd1600 protege. All for less than $500. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=AL3MOWJL81JSSH4Q
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