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  1. Wow! Whatever you just did has solved the problem! It is now just as it used to be Thanks very much
  2. Thanks for your assistance No - it's still the same but don't worry about it - it must be something to do with my Computer although it always has been ok until about ten days ago and all other Flash Applets work ok at other Sites It does work anyway - just from the bottom of the Page with the Progress Bar obscured
  3. I've no idea why my Link didin't work - there is nothing wrong with the Copy\Paste function of my Browser - I must have done something wrong This problem has only arisen over the last week or so and I have no problem with other Speed Test Sites which use Ookla and Flash It's strange that the Applet does in fact work - it's just that it is at the bottom of the Page and partially obscured
  4. You can see a Video of what happens here... http://itsyourpc.org...speed-test.html Thanks to Bruce (three Posts below)
  5. I have Saved a ScreenShot but I don't know how to put it into this Reply - sorry! The situation remains as shown in Bruce's Video - below The 'proper' Image appears briefly in its usual place at the top but then immediately drops down to the bottom of the Page with the Progress Bar obscured The Message in a little pink Box on the right of the Page which I mentioned in my original post is no longer there - been replced with little Adverts for Facebook etc The actual Test takes place and the Results appear in their little Boxes as usual
  6. Thanks for your Reply I have XP Home SP2 with IE7 and Flash I should Update which is probably why it doesn't appear properly but as I said, it does actually work ok just at the bottom of the Page instead of the top
  7. When accessing the Speed Test Page the image appears momentarily in what was its usual place but then drops down to the bottom as described in Bruce's Video (see 'Speed test broken' below) A Message appears on the right in a little pink Box saying "The page you are trying to access is restricted or unavailble" The Test does actually work in that the Results are shown but the Progress Bar is no longer visible
  8. The Service has been restored but it's still not working properly.... Pitstop - London server.. Download Speed: 2565 kbps (320.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 377 kbps (47.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 112 ms
  9. Yes - I am getting a Latency Test Error also on the London Server It happened a few weeks back too and they put it right but it's obviously gone again
  10. Thanks very much - seems to working ok again
  11. Is there somthing wrong with the Bandwidth Tester today? I use several different Sites including PC PitStop and usually they all give much the same Reading ie Download 4.0 - 5.0 Mbps Today, the PC PitStop Tester is giving me 2.000 kbps or less while all the other Sites are 4.0 - 5.0 Mbps as usual I have the latest Version of Flash
  12. Stll getting the Error re Latency File on the Lodon Server Test Is 'Admin' aware of the problem? Is it likely to get fixed?
  13. Yes - it seems it's just the London Server - the other threee work ok
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