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  1. Fantastic! after tons of searching I finally found a solution! I tried updating .net framework like you suggested but I had everything up to date. So finally after tons of searching over the past couple days I found this page http://insomniacgeek.com/blog/catalyst-ins...topped-working/ which solved my problem of getting catalyst to install. The workaround still failed on installing the actual driver, but I was able to install that through the device manager anyway. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Well wasn't able to get ATT to work either lol. It installs just fine bit another problem with x64... I did go ahead and install RivaTuner though and oc'd the card to 820MHz Core Clock and 1100MHz Memory clock and got my 3D score up to 9763 so I was happy with that
  3. CCC won't install thats the problem. Installing freezes and Catalyst Install Manager crashes right when I hit Install. Research says its a problem with 64bit vista/win7 and having visual studio installed on that system. messes up something with the .net install or something. "shrug" i'll try ATITrayTools
  4. Tried that program but I did have everything removed but I went ahead and tried it all again. Same results though I think I got the driver installed just by going into the device manager and manually selecting the file to install after unzipping the ati files. Though I have no Catalyst or anything to change any settings
  5. Do these results seem right? just did a full pit test is all. Video Score 351 3D Score 8885 Bits / Pixel 32 Rankings Video Top 9% 3D Video Top 2%
  6. So I got the card in yesterday. First things first I went into device manager and uninstalled video card drivers for my old card. Then I turned of the comp and replaced the old card with the new one. Everything seemed to be going fine untill I try to install drivers for the new one. Trying to install straight through the ati drivers downloaded or off the disc I get an error message "CATALYST Install Manager has stopped working". Also on Win7 64bit(ati site says the drivers are completely compatable) but win7 will install some drivers manually. With these drivers though I am getting worse performance in games than I did with the 2900. Any tips?
  7. Just ordered a 4870...excited for an upgrade! I haven't upgraded in a while. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102825 Thats the one I ordered.
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...0-329-_-Product That a good deal and a good upgrade from an old ATI 2900XT?
  9. Leaning towards the 9600gt but I have a few questions since i've never owned a nvidia card myself. are the drivers as easy to work with as ati catalyst drivers? especially for dual screening? on my 2900xt I often dual screen bluray onto my offscreen while I play a game or surf the web or something on my main screen and the CCC makes this really easy...will this card handle that kind of punishment well? Thanks again!
  10. ya I was hoping for cards at a max of a $150 price and was really looking for the ones closer to $100 but your suggestions have given me some info anyway still debating whether or not I actually even need an upgrade or just want one =P
  11. really considering that first one linked... any news of any price drops soon? like from a new line coming out soon. I wouldn't mind waiting a few months to pick up a card if it would mean a sizable price drop... thanks again!
  12. Considering upgrading my video card. I currently run a Ati 2900XT which is almost 2 years old now. I play on dual moniters one at 1680x1050 and the other at 1280x1024. My mobo is an evga 680i SE. And I would like to stay under $150 and hopefully closer to $100. I haven't kept up to date on video cards recently so I don't know much about whats best anymore. I do prefer ATI although I'm willing to switch to Nvidia considering my mobo is nvidia I might get a little better performance out of that? Just looking for some opinions...thx
  13. Alright, hey thanks alot man I'm gona order it tonight. Thanks for the help cuz i really needed it lol.
  14. Alright i put that in my cart and got some thermal compound. Is there ANYTHING else? lol
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