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  1. It seems about once a year I get spyware, I try for a week to get rid of it, I can't get rid of it so I reformat my harddrive. Something seriously needs to be done to the people making this stuff. They screw everyone over very badly for a profit. They are criminals and need to be prosecuted. Does anyone know of a way I can get revenge on these people?
  2. Hi, My camera records video in .mov format. The programs that I have tried, convert the file type and take forever to export as a .mov. Pinnacle Studio won't even export as .mov. The one I'm currently using is Adobe Premiere but its more for sequencing and there arn't many editing options. The ideal program for me is iMovie but I only have windows. Does anyone know of a program that works well with . mov? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a very old laptop and I want to install a DVD player in it for portable use. The problem is that it is a pentium 133 with 24 Mb of ram. Im not sure what video processor is in it although its nothing fancy even for those days. The screen supports 16 bit colour at 800 X 600 or 24 bit at 640 X 480. What sort of video quality would you expect? Also what OS should I use: Windows 3.1, 95, or 98?
  4. The drivers are from Windows Update? Im not sure where your getting the drivers when you tried to update them but make sure your geting them from nvidia. If your still having problems after that, check for patches that you might need for using the 440 with your mother board. I have an Mx 440 and I needed a patch to use it with my common K7S5A motherboard.
  5. Thanks dickster, but it couldn't recover my data. What makes this problem weird to me is the data is very important so before the format, while the computer was off, I physically unplugged the power and ribbon cable to the back up HD. I plugged it back in once the Windows HD was formatted and windows was reloaded back on.
  6. In computer management it doesn't show that any parts of the drive have been used. Before I formatted my Windows HD, the back-up HD was NTFS, now it says RAW in Computer Management.....i dont like the sounds of that. Brandon, I put the data on the drive when it was formatted, now Im trying to get it off. So I will loose the data if I format it right?
  7. Hello, I have 2 maxtor HDs in my computer. One has windows and everything else on it and the other was set up just as a storage device for downloads. Then, I had to reformat my main harddrive so I backed up my important files on to the second harddrive and did not format that one. I reinstalled windows and tried to explore the second harddrive but a message says "disk is not formatted" If I format it will I loose my backed up data? If so, how can I access this data? Also, the HD is 80 GB with 35 GB of data on it and windows says that it is 45GB total (although that is just the free space). I dont think thats important but i thought Id mension it. THANKS
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