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  1. i never noticed any difference in picture quality, does it take a specifically encoded video?
  2. didnt do anything. but after some googling around i came across "Exefix_vista.zip ran the file and now works fine, thanks for help anyway everyone for anyone else who ever gets similar problem with file extensions, i got the file here http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/105/...dows-Vista.html
  3. though i failed to mention every detail i've tried...i have already tried that before posting. what i'd like to know is what file in windows opens the .exe. is it the windows installer? where is it?
  4. of course its .exe obviously its a registry or some other windows corruption where its not showing an association...so wheres the file in windows directory i can point it to in order to open it is what i'm asking. http://www.samsungodd.com/Eng/Firmware/FWD...ode=&os_no= heres a pic for anyone that thinks i'm
  5. i downloaded a firmware upgrade for my DVD writer. tried dl'ing several times but windows has no association to the file so of course reason why it has no icon. so it wont execute. so i get the "Open With" option but i dont know what to open it with. so what file in windows can i point it to in order to open the executable file?? using Vista x64
  6. sorry, not touching Gigabyte again, my last 2 boards are Gigabyte, one of which didnt last 6 months till it would lock at bios and its marketed feature of second bios never helped
  7. +1 for rampage. hope to have decision by tomorrow..anyone else
  8. having trouble deciding....i'm most concerned with stability,compatability, something rock solid. not sure which mobo is newer but i would assume the older one probably more polished by now. Asus Rampage formula or Maximus 2 formula. main differences appear to be P45 or X48 chipsets. my current gigabyte is P45 and having serioius issues with x1 slot recieving power for my fatality sound card on bootup, so would X48 be more solid? i'm not sold on those 2 specific boards, but i do want my Ram fully compatable and support its ddr2 1200 but if i OC much i'd likely have to scale back to 800 or something anyway so not really sure if the price for those mobos is worth it or not. here are the stuff i'm going to use on the mobo OCZ FlexXCL...ddr 2 9600 Xfi fatality pcie x1 slot single 280 nvidia these mobo's are probably bit more pricey than what i really need, but i want a mobo thats really well built. i'm tired of these crap mobo's i get that either dont last long or compatability related problems like my last 2 Gigabyte ultra crapable mobo's...going back to good ol Asus.
  9. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=20985302 my C drive is SSD. i was just curious as it noted 13% fragmentation? also curious as to why my second drive isnt tested. just wondering if its a known error on the test part or other cause? where it says CPU clock speed, says top 0%? does it just mean its not tested or there is no comparison? i was assuming if the CPU itself is top 9% then surely there are others who have same stock clock speed under "hotfixes" it shows nothing, but i know i have some, or so i thought, does test not check that yet cause this is beta?? curious what the CmiCnfg Application in startup is also, what do the NV video card driver startup items do? i cant tell the difference if i uncheck them but i'm wondering if their needed for something or effect gaming somehow.
  10. hopefully your insurance co. doesnt give you hassles. sometimes they try hard to get out of paying. know a guy who's garage caught fire, they couldnt locate the source due to too many hot spots from gas cans, spray cans, vehicles..etc but even though he wasnt home at the time, their trying to say he did it on purpose and pressing charges.
  11. i have a book of natural remedies...honestly, i dont think much of them, they work fine for very mild stuff, scrapes, burns..etc as someone mentioned. but i havnt crossed any that worked as well as man made medicines when it comes to moderate pain. some stuff like st johns wart to improve memory or whatever..took it for months and notta. so i kinda gave up on the natural stuff for now, though i still take a multi vitamin every day
  12. i always have to work when i'm sick, not allowed to call in sick or its pink slip lol. but a few tylonal every couple hours gets me through the day. when i was a kid, i dont recall any family weirdo anectodotes. usually it was nasty tasting cherry medicine or my grandpa's white lightning...moonshine.
  13. i just lost 2 neurons in 10 seconds...amazing
  14. true but the agreement you make..which no one reads..does say that the policy can change to screw the customer at any time...so everyone should already hav eknown before paying
  15. 250gb's in 30 days is alot if you ask me. i blame torrent users, i think thats what pushed Comcast to change it. however, if more ISP's follow...how will that effect the future in the market of sales for online HD and video games? no one will buy very many if they have to download it and use the limit just for a couple of movies...lol in a few years, games will be like 50gigs for avg size and movies probably over 100gigs...no more online buy and download.
  16. i'd better get some propane for my grill before prices go up again
  17. maybe your too biased to see the humor?. windows isnt all that but nither is Linux nor OSX...OS's cant ride on high horses and jokes are just that..a joke, wether you find it funny or not, lighten up, its just an operating system.
  18. thread was joke vid and so was that...defensive arent we
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ3FqPkN3t4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGGUkLrpa-E
  20. what isit with you and MS anyway? my solution would be not to use it but i guess that would make sense and hence the opposite of this thread.
  21. ok, i see now. i dont know if he will inherit anything but sounds like he'll lose it if he does, but makes sense. i'll pass that along as well as tell him to ignore collectors, thanks all
  22. this guy i work with, his mother is terminally ill, i guess he doesnt have a good relationship with her nor has for many years, so it appears he's worried about her debt being passed to him, i guess she owes like some $90,000 + and that doesnt include hospital bills. with no husband, he is next of kin and my opinion was how can he be responsible for someone else's debt after she passe's, despite him being her son? i argue that its not his fault but how does the law work this exactly and will the debt collectors turn sights onto him after she passes?
  23. people everywhere all over the world are suddenly finding a huge variety of things offensive. remember the swaztica shaped buildings built in the 60's and people are just now thinking, "hey, its shaped like the nazi symbol, i'm offended, my feelings are hurting and i want to cry" i think it comes from technology giving us too much more time on our hands...i mean you didnt read about people from the 1800's being offended about such trivial things. santa's been around for how long now? and it takes till 2007 for someone to find it offensive and scream as if being raped?
  24. i overclock, never had that happen..maybe MS thinks you may have a pirate copy so maybe their forcing it when you make changes? tough one that probably only talking with ms over the phone could cure if it ever does...i'm sure you tired of talkn to them,but probably your only shot.
  25. i thought it was because when an app uses both threads, it cuts the cache use in half for each one? some programs actually slow down slightly when Hyper Threading Technology is turned on. This is due to the replay system of the Pentium 4 tying up execution resources, thereby starving the other thread.
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