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  1. whew, the ubuntu challenge is definitly a challenge huh. i had similar problems, went back to windows
  2. http://www.guru3d.com/news/boot-your-vista-in-4-seconds/
  3. works great in my area, very fast. downloads depend on the server your getting it from. but the fastest i've downloaded was 3 gigs in 20 minutes give or take
  4. oh, also a link for those who need to know more http://sutadpt.blogspot.com/2008/10/window...uild-16489.html there are also a few other bat's similar but different. not sure if they still work or are newer but this is pretty much the same deal that was going on back during SP1 beta
  5. took a while before it showed up for me in updates. but unless they changed it again or blocked it by now it should be: ah, explians why i didnt notice anything. i read some people reported it being faster though. i have SSD drive which is already near instant so i cant really tell.
  6. hows it running on your machine? some saying its faster i dont notice, yet anyway
  7. i like my hacked PSP, have latest firmware. i can play Mame/turbografx16/nes/genesis/neogeo and even segaCD games all perfectly. got an 8 gig memstick packed plum full heck with the battery thing, i just instead bought a battery tool to do mine.
  8. have to sign up though, i find downloading quicker to google the app i want
  9. well creatives support is really ticking me off. this is my latest response......any suggestions on how i should better explain my problem so they wont send me vague copy and pasted responses? i thought i explained it well in this quote but then they tell me to uninstall/reinstall or try another slot. its like their not even reading it...wishing i kept the reciept and box now.
  10. let me try a couple pics, maybe it will help. the first pic is me trying the link you sent me for the batch file, says error cant find files or such if you cant read it but lastly says successfully moved files to backup. havnt rebooted yet so i'll edit this if it works second pic is of what i'm seeing after a shutdown. but once i reboot it from there its fine....makes no sense http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/3171/dw...08331616nx3.jpg http://img518.imageshack.us/my.php?image=d...08355197vm2.jpg
  11. yes USB works fine, that is i can plug and unlplug my usb Hardrive. i thought i found the solution but seems all i did was narrow down the problem. so i guess what driver i use doesnt matter. its definitly shutdown procedure. i thought it was working fine but realize now on the first turn on after a shutdown, the problem occurs, if i reboot, its fixed and is fine until i run shutdown makes no sense really how can i flush the driver cache duanester? i'll try it and see what occurs. though this is a fresh install. i'm going to google around and see what differences ar
  12. windows didnt detect the device..its like theres no hardware installed unless i uninstall the creative driver...then windows has its own driver and i have sound. if its a corruption...then how come reboot doesnt cause it but shutdown does? odd i did figure out a solution that seems to work just as well. after removing creatives driver again, i simply kept the windows default driver version. then i installed the creative console launcher application...this let me do all the extra stuff like EAX, EQ...etc and seems to work just as good. still wouldnt mind knowing the exact ca
  13. onboard sound is disabled. not my first sound card rodeo there is no sound properties. only says no hardware audio device. i first must uninstall the driver....then windows default driver works and i have sound. i just dont have the advanced stuff i otherwise do there is no further update. I tried latest beta. latest WHQL. and then i tried the previous version that came on CD with the card. Rebooting works fine....its when i shutdown is when the problem occurs. so i dont quite get what is different between them? AFAIK, pressing reboot or shutdown would cause the OS to do t
  14. vista x64. recently got x-fi fatility pro pci-e install latest fatality drivers, works great. i can reboot all i want and still works fine however, if i click shutdown, then boot back on, i suddenly have no audio device installed. i have to manually remove the driver and reinstall it. what is happening during shutdown that doesnt happen when rebooting? i cant figure this out for nothing and is driving me nuts please help
  15. i got a 280, frankly i dont see a need for anything more than single 280. i can max out every single game at 1900x1200. even crysis at DX10 though its alot smoother at 1280x1024 with a little AA but it is for the most part playable at such, just not enjoyable lol. but apart from that single game, everything else is smooth as can be. even Oblivion with qarls texture mod, nature mod..etc.
  16. most any storage medium is capable of failure. Best to have a duplicate backup on 2 different mediums i have a WD passport USB, its cheap, easy to use and effective, couple that with a flash or as mentioned a DVD (though skip the re-writable kind, i'v had alot of those mysteriously blank out on me) make sure to validate the DVD and make sure the data you put in it is readable and working or you may have a table coaster and not realize it.
  17. haha...seems like yesterday there were only a few here who could hit 2000 pit test score i recall my old p4 sony vaio was a little over 400 score. lol, good times, good times not really
  18. i read that too, like i said transfering files i didnt notice any difference, installing stuff was only really noticable when installing the OS, 13 minutes is pretty darn good really, too bad anything else isnt as quick to write...basically the real world use of it just makes it seem like Vista is a super lean coded speedy OS lol i honestly think if SSD's were cheap mainstream when vista was released where most users had it...vista would have gotten much better reviews just cause of its snappier consistant feel under SSD. cant wait till they get SSD to where its as fast as ram...likel
  19. anyone else got one? got it up and running last night, thought i'd share formatted drive size: 59.5 gigs. my current Vista install size with all apps and drivers (no games, tweaked to maintain size) 10.2 gigs. plenty of space for some games, though users who keep system restore...etc then you know how big yours is, somewhere around 20gigs i'd say. i use True image for backups btw Vista Ultimate x64 install time SSD: (from the moment after format to the moment the desktop was prepared and usable) Startup time SSD (prefetch disabled): Startup time, Velociraptor (prefetch enabl
  20. well i read without Qos, i wont beable to do it with my router. Netlimiter looks like a good option but it costs $$, anyone know about it? or should i spend a bit more and get another router.
  21. you said downloads from the internet...so you test those download files first before you execute is what i meant
  22. thanks intel guy but for the defrag, by not complete i meant mine shows not tested. how would defraging page force the pit test to test it? but my page is 800mb for min and max. so it shouldbt be too fragmented
  23. i too prefer the old tests, the new one is more difficult to make out or seems less informative, i dunno. for some reason, it keeps trying to install flash player, its already installed and it keeps popping up after i click install. my fragmentation is never completed either..pretty much same issues as already mentioned i was also baffled by the loss of tech express link, maybe make a note on that page about how to show the result in a forum thread.
  24. i want to deter kids from sucking it up downloading music,movies..etc cause i know they will try, my g/f mainly just browses email and sites, so i just want it fast enough for those but too slow to download much or download illegal or illicit content i also want to the majority of bandwidth for myself either cause i'm greedy or cause i'm the one who pays for it. does anyone think this program might be more for me? http://www.netlimiter.com/ says it has a bandwidth limiter
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