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  1. You dont like doing business with me? Lets get something straight i am the only one here that had anything clear to say. Miggs you obviously have no clue how to mod your case. Like I said in my other post LEAVE IT ALONE.You are not paying me for advise, I am giving you (free) advise from 30 years of experience and you choose not to listen (hence the "DENSE") It looks like you all used the short yellow busses to get to school. wdeydwondrer what a moron, what useful advise have you given Miggs other than $20 is too much for a fan? You idiots know Miggs has no clue and yet you say cut holes than next you say dont cut, what a bunch of :filtered:en morons..
  2. try not to spend lots your first time. It should be fun, that cpu that markkleb showed you was amazing for the money (the cheapest dual core AMD is about $300) For $300 you can get the intel,mobo and Hard drive. For about $70 you can get memory and $150 you can get a Very good X850 videocard. Enjoy that first..That would be a nice comp.
  3. this feels like a huge waste of my time. 1-return the tools(you should NOT cut anything) do you think you know more than the company that designed your case? leave it alone. 2-the fans you have are fine, do not change them 3- air enters the case at the front and cools the HDDs, than it passes over the mobo and cools it, than it is sucked out the back by the 2 fans and the PS. If you put a fan in the side it will cause turbulance and upset the air flow. 4- if you cut a hole in the top what is the point of the 2 fans blowing out the back? Why didnt the company do that from the beginning? Because its NOT as good as air in the front and out the back. 5-you should be using a ACcooler freezer64(cpu cooler) pointing at the 2 120mm fans blowing out the back. You should probably leave modding alone untill you have more experience. Or at least can make up your own mind. If you feel the need to cut up something get a used case and butcher it. Most of all get rid of the STUPID black tool box in the HDD tray.
  4. I AM WRONG?????? Dude I give up, You said in ur first post it was gonna cost $200 to add the fans, the water cooling IS LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after ur done you end up with a water cooled comp. I have never seen anyone so dense!
  5. Miggs, please listen... If you can return the tools please do. Chopping holes in ur case wont help as much as you think. And you will ruin the case. They spent lots of money designing that case to be good, it has the 2- 120mm fans for exhaust (as well as the PS) You have the 120mm fan in front for intake. The watercooling kit I recommended is MADE FOR YOUR CASE!!!!!!!! by the same company as your case! Once you are done you will have a Watercooling system not a swiss cheese case with a lot of fans. By the way the Water cooling kit is cheaper than the tools and fans......
  6. Is it just me or is Everyone missing the point here. Miggs has a VERY basic understanding of case dynamics let alone use of power tools. You have talked him into ruining his case and mabye losing a finger or two. And if he gets through this his case will still be hot and make more noise. And by the way wdeydwonder guess what kind of case miggs has?
  7. http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/d...cooling_12.html This is a very good kit for $139. As long as you are careful not to be rough with the pump and put a quieter fan on the rad.(a AC cooling fan is best) This is much better than cutting holes. Also it has 1/2" hose like the big boys use.
  8. nforce 3 is 800 (ddr is 2 X 800 =1600) nforce4 is 1000(ddr is 2 X 1000 =2000) You shouldnt go over the 1000 but its ok to go under like 900. Dfi mobo has 4x,5x,6x and so on. If Miggs is HTT is 300 than it needs to be 3X (make sure it dosent say AUTO) Also try the memory at 2T
  9. I agree 64 is better. Besides its free (for 6mos) thanks to microsoft.I use it and there is no problem with games or drivers. I definately would not get your first choice of mobo. DFI and MSI and Asus are much better. ECC memory is for servers, use a good DDR 400 thats a Cas2
  10. I love my 3700, its up to 2910mhz on air. I an too thinking about going to dual core except my 3700 works just fine for me. I watched my friend Mark get his 3700+ to over 3700mhz (on dry ice)before it burned, POP. But its best to wait a little time for the Conroe and new stuff, Just a couple of mos.
  11. I ordered this yesterday, http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&Tab=1&NoMapp=0 It had a $30 rebate too,so it was $99. but even at $129 its so nice, alum, 5HDDs, very shiney paint, oooh yea. (modular 550Watt PS too)
  12. definately get a X800 card. Less money than your 2 but much better.
  13. well dude, ur far from "hopeless" I wish I was as smart as you when I was 14, have fun.
  14. Kind of like those amplifiers you buy at the fleamarket that say 1000 watts but use a 16ga wire for power...
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