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  1. Josie, I seen Seether a couple years ago when they opened for Audioslave...they were killer; it seemed more like a double bill than them opening I really like your silhouetted picture! I don't have many stories, but I've seen some amazing shows so far; Metallica, Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Tool...etc I'm pretty stoked about seeing my favorite band in a couple weeks also; In Flames. They are coming here on tour with a few other bands, feat Megadeth.
  2. Congrats Jacee, sounds like you got yourself a nice one We just ourselves a 46" Sharp Aquos, we had a 42" Aquos upstairs and loved it, so when there wwas a boxing day deal on the 46" we had to go for it Lou is right about the upconverter and HDMI cable, we just got those for our 42" and it looks absolutely amazing...even movies dating back a few years look nice and clear.
  3. Good question, not a terribly easy one to answer. I don't commit to any religion, but I can certainly respect all thoughts on the subject; I even think a 'religion' such as Scientology has some valid points, although I don't agree with some of it's teachings. I most closely associate with Christianity, although I respectfully disagree with the thought that even a good person that does not commit themselves to Jesus will go to Hell. I think, and would hope that when one dies, they are judged on how they lived and not what they did every Sunday. I won't commit to a religion...with that being said I share the belief that there is a god, and many general teachings about living a wholesome life. I have read parts of the Koran, the Bible and looked into Scientology and all those religions had points I agree with and others I don't share...It will be a lifelong endevour of learning for me I suppose.
  4. It may be close enough to work, but we don't know threshold in which each device was designed...as mentioned, don't do it; it's not worth damaging the phone, or yourself
  5. That should work Are there any concerns about resistance, or anything like that in doing that?
  6. Hey! I bought myself a couple speakers for my truck as a Christmas present...I am going to swap the 2 stock front speakers out for the new speakers. That will leave me with the 2 speakers I remove from the front, I was hoping to use those as rear center speakers (I can make the box, all that stuff myself), I was just hoping someone would have some idea how to hook these 2 extra speakers to my head unit, without the use of an amp (if it's even possible) I have the Pioneer DEHP6800MP head unit. All my speakers are currently wired using a wire harness, and I don't have any auxilary connections used yet. I am pretty decent with electronics, but a little dumb with car audio, so please be kind, haha Thanks for any ideas! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!!
  7. I posted on here a while ago about planning a trip to Europe, well...today is the day. Me and cpuguru are gone for a month (we really wanted to do 2 months, but our sister is having a baby in mid Nov; so were gonna have to do a second trip sometime ) Were going: Rome, Italy -> Innsbruck, Austria -> Vienna, Austria -> Munich, Germany -> Paris, France -> Zurich, Switzerland -> Bern, Switzerland -> Rome, Italy We got really good fare roundtrip to/from Rome so that's why we go in a loop. I know we missed some key stops (sorry Brits!) but that will have to be on our second trip I guess I'll make sure to take some really awesome pics to show you guys when I get back. I'm really excited, I've been to Mexico and a few different places like that before and those are nice holidays; but I've kind of gotten tired of the 'beach holidays' and really want to go see the world...gotta be at the airport in about 6 hours to leave for Toronto
  8. Those are great looking, nice work! I really like the walking stick, the detail is very nice.
  9. Lmao, a few of those definately make you think...neat post
  10. I briefly read about lift blocks...are they fairly straight forward to install?
  11. Hi, I was planning on adding a leaf to my Ranger just to give er a bit of a lift (be in the 2" range). I found a few sites that detail a few steps but are vague on others...I was hoping that someone here could kind of fill in the blanks for me. Here is kind of what I know...or think I know. 1. Jack truck, take off wheel 2. Make sure brake lines will be long enough to reach after lift, if not replace with longer ones 3. Using two C-Clamps, clamp the leaf springs on both sides of the center bolt ***Some sites say you have to others don`t...replace the U-bolts with larger ones*** 4. Remove center bolt 5. Back off C-Clamps enough to insert new leaf, place in order structured in an upside down pyramid shape 6. Insert longer center bolt and tighten, remove C-Clamps Sound about right? Am I missing any key steps or hints that will help me...also do you always have to replace the U-bolts with larger ones? or is that only for big lifts? Thanks for any advice! Also...if I want to replace my 15" rims with something like 16" or 17" is there anything I should watch for aside from bolt pattern and any rubbing on fender?
  12. Sorry man, I'm with stormy on this one; you could do a few things to it but honestly I don't see the gains coming even close to justifying the costs, your better off saving this money and chucking it into the new system when you get it. As for building your own chances are you'll make a few rookie mistakes (picking products and such) we've all done it; your best bet is checking with the guys here...unlike some companies that sneek a few crappy components in to keep costs down, the people at pcpitstop want you to get the best bang for your buck so check back and I'm sure everyone will be happy to help you get er built. (You should probally get a shop to put it all together, at least the CPU; but I'd handpick all of the components)
  13. Ok we're pretty much starting to nail a few things down now, just have a few more thoughts for you guys. We've heard some great things about Austria (Vienna) and Netherlands (Amsterdam) between the two which would you pick, please don't say both either; it can't happen. Aside from that I think we've pretty much gotten our Eurail pass figured out, and it seems that we'll be flying into Rome. In order to do this trip properly based on funds were going to make it a 40 day trip opposed to 2 months; I'd rather go for a bit shorter time and be able to spend a little more rather than being stretched thin over 2 months...if that makes sense Thanks for your ideas and opinions and I hope you keep givin em
  14. Thanks for the suggestions so far, as mentioned Europe is huge and I'd honestly like to visit every country; but from a economical and time standpoint that can't happen...although I'm already considering Europe part 2 in a couple years to check out some of the places I miss this time. Preliminary stops include London, Paris, Zurich, Munich and Rome (and definately some surrounding cities) although that could change a bit; if I had more money and time I'd like to see alot more places but at this point I feel compelled to go out and see different parts of world. Greece and Netherlands are still a few places I'd like to try to add on this trip, but I'll have to see how time and travel work out and ; it seems like a relatively short trip from Paris to Amsterdam so that is a very real possibility. Thanks for all of your thoughts to this point!
  15. Hey, I've been kicking around going to Europe for a few months with my bro (cpuguru) we haven't really firmed anything down; were both college kids so our budget is ok, but definately not huge; gonna stay in some hostels to keep costs down. At this point were kinda tenatively planning on going to: England, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany and possibly Italy, Finland, Sweden If anyone is from or has been to these places and can recommend any sights, food or accomidations also if I didn't list a country that you really had a great time in, or wouldn't go to one of the countries I listed then please let me know. England is pretty much a lock for us though, flights are signifcantly cheaper to London from there it'll be all train Thanks for any thoughts you have!
  16. I change my oil generally every 5000km, I have an '01 with 64,000km on it. I use a full synthetic oil...I can usually catch a small sale when I buy it, about $6 a quart; I can do my oil full synth for less than a quick lube shop would charge me for the cheap oil.
  17. Nice to hear about great people like that!
  18. weiner ok, I guess I lose...I figured it would have been filtered
  19. Salo35

    New Car

    lmao, why cause it's longer than 2 feet?
  20. 1. a] 2. b] 3. b] 4. 4 5. 5 6. b] 7. a]
  21. Ya, for most people it's not a problem; sometimes people like to use void and omit the return 0; for a new programmer like Brandon it might be a little helpful to know that main() and void main() are different, however main() and int main() are the same thing. Hey Brandon, if you ever need help I'd be happy to try; I am still learning though also ; just try to think of things sequentially. I've only ever used Visual Studio so I can't comment whether an upgrade from your current IDE would be worth it or not. Peace, and good luck!
  22. I use Visual Studio 2005, it's a nice program; I like it quite a bit more than 2003 even though it isn't terribly different. That's correct, int is assumed if you don't assign a return type for main().
  23. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void main() { cout<<"Good luck Brandon!!\n"; cin.get(); }
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