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  1. Those $100 sound alot better than my sister's computer
  2. If you could tell us a bit more about the airflow in your system, that should help a bit. 1. Do you have any case fans/how many/what size/where are they located? 2. Is your processor heatsink/fan stock, or an after market configuration? 3. Have you cleaned you case (compressed air), ever/recently? 4. Any weird sound coming from fans? 5. Does this happen with anything other than Joint Operations? This info should give us a bit better insight into your situation, you might be ok adding a case fan and blowing out your case using compressed air...but that depends on what you have already. If you do decide to use compressed air then please do not let any of the fans spin; you can ruin them if you allow them to freely spin around.
  3. Joe, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Knowing what kind of person you are, I am certain that Toni was an awesome person. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care Joe, may better days lie ahead for you.
  4. Why did we get stuck with the worse half of Bruce for so long? We missed the better half. Welcome back Sue.
  5. I have to go with: Zakk Wylde (Ozzy, Black Label Society) Dave Mustaine (Metallica, Megadeth)
  6. I use 2500mah batteries in my cordless mouse, they last a really long time. They are Energizer's if that means anything to you.
  7. Come live in Canada, were "sweet" but like the ":filtered: cousins you see at thanksgiving". Just one more person to add to my hit list Tucker (rhymes with a fitting word) Carlson. Oh well, don't let the :filtered:s get you down. I live in one of the safest most beautiful countries in the world, if I'm :filtered: at least I have a nice place to run around
  8. Here is a decent question, from my experience; it really tests whether the person is giving you what you want to hear, or what they really believe. You walk up to a pop machine, fully expecting to buy a pop; you realize there is already a pop dispensed; it is unopened and the flavor you were going to buy. So you look around to see if there might be anyone that might have left the pop there by accident, you don't see anyone. So you take the pop; would you leave the money you were intially going to spend on the pop in the machine incase the person returns for their drink? Now in a real life situation, very few people would leave the money for the next person...most people would smile at their good fortune and walk away drinking their free pop. I know I certainly would. The person in the interview is essentially promoting themself for you, they may see this as an opportunity to tell you what you "want to hear". I've used this scenario several times, some people are generally sincere when they say they would leave the money; but those people are often easy to spot.
  9. How am I supposed to follow up a post like that, I tend to agree, I do not beleive that America is facist; or at least to any extent even similar to what was demonstrated by this flash video. They obviously share some similar traits, because most countries do...but some of the points were pretty weak. It is evident as a result of the election that the majority of America's voting population is more right winged, than left. If the USA is facist, then I suppose because Canada has a Liberal government we must be communist
  10. Had the pleasure of seeing System of a Down, tonight; put on a hell of a show. Here's a review of the shows I've seen; hopefully Audioslave and Seether will put on an impressive show in a few weeks. 1. Metallica - These guys are the masters at what they do, you may not like them as a band, or you may not like their music; but they sure put on a great show. Godsmack did an amazing job opening for them. They set the bar very high for future bands 2. Foo Fighters - Awesome band, I love their new cd; and they sounded great for the entire show; it's going to be tought for anyone to catch up to my Metallica experience, but the Foo Fighters did a great job. Poor choice of openers in Sloan, did not suit the crowd at all; but still performed quite well considering. 3. System of a Down - Great sound, great show; only problem I had with them was some of their song selection...I like their music, but am not SOAD freak; I was bound to not recognize all the songs, but there were a few to many I didn't recognize for my liking. Still, a great show; I'd definately have enjoyed it more if I'd had heard some more of their stuff before the concert. Openers, Mars Volta...eek, they suck. 4. Pearl Jam - Sounded pretty good, and a decent show; missing a few key songs from their playlist though, that was dissappointing; still a good show, just not as flashy as the other bands ahead of them. 5. Megadeth - Overshadowed by some great bands, ranked 5 more because of the great shows the other bands put on. I thought Megadeth was great, but it was a poor choice of venue; I think that hurt their sound...they had a small stage setup, and not overly flashy; I'd like to see them play a sold out arena next time. 6. Godsmack - Once again, ranked lower more because of the calibre of the bands before them; and really nothing they did/didn't do themselves. A great sound, a decent show; a poor choice of openers (Mushroom Head ), and a :filtered:ed up audience made it an interesting concert. 7. Velvet Revolver - Sound much better on cd, Scott Weiland is a freak; WTH was I thinking? I think that's it so far, I've been fortunate with some great shows thus far, which made it difficult to choose a rank for each. I have a concert on October first, Audioslave with openers Seether...should be a great 1,2 punch; we'll see
  11. College is great but I really have no time except for weekends: 6:00am - Wakeup, get ready for school 6:40am - Go to bus 7:40am - Get to school 8:15am - Start school 4:15pm - Finish school 5:10pm - Make it back home 5:10pm until 7:00pm - Homework 7:00ish - Eat supper After supper, unwind for a bit; then go to bed...up early for school
  12. Just before school, like minutes before I had to leave flipped on the tv and saw the towers on the news...it was surreal; such an insane thought could only be considered in the movies...or so I thought. Terrible day for America, terrible day for the free world.
  13. An empty beer bottle, an empty Pepsi can, and 2 water bottles (which I actually use for water )
  14. They offer more surface area to cool off the memory chips, usually made of Aluminum or Copper. Same idea as a chipset heatsink, passive cooling
  15. Might seem obvious, but did you unplug, and plug the mouse back in again?
  16. Still no veggies allowed across the border....that's a bummer
  17. Some advice I can offer you, as a person in a former retail position as a manager is make sure you address the manager or district manager before you try to ruin this company. I hated when a customer complained to the mall instead of addressing me with the problem, because it gives me no chance to try to recifty the problem and prove that we actually do have good customer service and someone just screwed up. Please make sure you at least give or have given them that honor before you complain. If the manager/district manager did nothing to help you, then I would definately bring it up to the BBB. If it is a franchise, you can talk to the main company, I am sure they wouldn't want their franchisee's de-valueing their companies name. Sorry that is about all I can suggest.
  18. Is it a specific CD? or every CD you try?
  19. You need a bootdisk (floppy), and to get into the Command Prompt Screen. Once you are in there you can fix the Master Boot Record by doing the following: Enter the command: "FIXMBR" (without the quotes) and confirm the next question with a "Y" (without the quotes). Then restart and hopefully it'll work. You can get a bootdisk from www.bootdisk.com, I usually find the Windows ME disk works well. Windows ME Bootdisk
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