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  1. Good question, and if anyone could answer that then we would have alot greater understanding of life itself. I don't think religion is flawless, IMO it satifies the equation a little better than science can in some facets. At the end of the day though, anyones guess is as valid as the next guys. A notion of God makes me comfortable, it fills in a few gaps and makes sense to me. I don't expect everyone else to accept this, and frankly I understand why people would question the existance of 'God', but it works for me
  2. I would definately encourage you to do that Bill, learn all you can; even if at the end of the day you choose to be agnostic, at least you have the information to choose. I'm 21, I have read much of the bible, the koran and I have read into Scientology...I believe they all have their own merits and are all equally possible based on those merits. I haven't even scratched the surface yet... It's funny that a fundamental teaching such as the golden rule is the one that I most closely adhere to. Nothing fancy, no complex plots; just a very simple rule, if used to govern your life can mak
  3. Bill, believe what you think is right and then you'll begin to find happiness; everyone's guess is equally right/wrong as to what is to come for us after life, and what life is...dare to dream and build your own notions. My own thought's...Science can't fully explain our existance, and I don't think religion does an adequate enough job explaining it; therefore I believe in some kind of hybrid. I do believe in 'God', I also think that theories such as big bang, and evolution were likely. My thought is that something had to start it all, if we came from microns floating in space billi
  4. I'm in the same boat as you, I bought the laptop with the expectation that it couldn't play anything though; just for jollies I tried loading Battlefield 2142 on it, it ran, but it was pretty aweful I wouldn't recommend it Your pretty much hooped for playing newer games on it, you may be able to lower all the graphical requirements and get er to run decently but it will look bad. El Kido...I don't wanna hijack but I bought one with the same specs, I got the HP dv6338se for $900 CDN, pretty much as soon as I got it home I took out the 2 x 512MB sticks and put 2 GB in instead...it made a n
  5. Hmmm, sorry from what you typed I don't know if your just using the Vista printer drivers or if you've downloaded Vista compatible drivers from Canon. If you've done the first option, then I'd recommend you download and install the Canon drivers Drivers Here I'm assuming you either didn't have this problem with your old PC or you didn't have this printer (if your trying to print through the LPT port (not likely these days, but you never know ) you may want to try using a USB interface instead. The warmup time on that printer is spec'd at 2 minutes or less if it's on already; are you
  6. Boy Isabelle May Jacob Douglas Nov 19th I really like the name Johan for a boy also...more european sounding Jacob is good though cause he can eventually shorten it to Jake if he wants...gives some options down the road. My sister is due right around the same time you are expecting, she just had her 3D ultrasound and the pics were pretty cool to see (it's a tad creepy to see a baby at that stage but still pretty cool). I hope all goes well with you!!
  7. I should be getting Vista Business today; I get it for free through my school because they have a 'Microsoft Alliance'; it works out pretty well for me I guess. I got Visual Studio 2005, XP and now Vista for free. Doing a little programming myself I could only imagine all the facets of making an operating system; it's easy to crap on a company like MS, but many of those people that figured they would never buy XP, have it on their computers.
  8. I doubt it'll make much of difference, although recommended 1300 by Linksys you could alter that number a bit and make it closer to 1500 if you want; it is trial and error though. Through my readings you shouldn't typically have to go below 1400.
  9. The roads range anywhere from alright to awful at any given point; with windchill we are well below -20. They say Winnipeg is bad, come try Edmonton right now!
  10. Hey I'm sure 99% of us here would prefer you ask the questions and are happy with the result opposed to guessing and being disappointed. It's not your fault some comes in and thinks he's the ; I see like this all the time in my Computer Engineering classes, it's sad really.
  11. dude, what the is your problem...he's just asking a question; if you don't want to answer than shut your mouth, it's that easy. Maybe you should go back to sucking your lover off if it keeps you from spouting off like this.
  12. I suppose there is a 20% chance you won't get lung cancer. Like I said before, why do I even bother to care though? It's not me who's smoking, you take that chance if you want, I just hope the reward is worth the risk.
  13. I get plenty of fresh air, don't worry about me I don't see any point in trying to convince smokers that smoking is bad for everyone, you are either smart enough to get it or not. Smokers have to inhale second hand smoke also, it doesn't just affect the innocent people. Frankly I've had 20 years of potentially inhlaing second hand smoke, as long as ingorant, inconsiderant are still around I'm sure I can expect at least another 20...puff away I don't really give a (I suppose you win, if you can call it that; I'll go to your funeral and chuck your cancer sticks on your grave so you can
  14. Fair enough, with that being said though; I don't inhale on those things, so I don't want the chemical out...therefore I don't see why it's so hard for (some) smokers to go outside.
  15. (Some) Smokers just prove that ignorance is bliss
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