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  1. Hi 'ruby2zday, To simplify your post and question contained in it I would suggest for safe and reliable backup Ghost 12 image and Aronis True image software. Both are relatively simple to operate with external removable HD backup once weekly with incremental backups daily when your system changes over 500MB downloads. I run both - Ghost on my PC and Acronis on this Laptop. Have proven they work by buying new HD and using the recovery opton to the new HD.....all worked very well. ___________________ Regarding your question about startup running processes and start up ite
  2. Hi rkcypher, Here is another site I was helping with of latter months that maybe some help to you. As Microsoft is most likely holidaying as we all are thought it maybe good reading for you and you may come across something that would assist you with WU from it. http://forums.cnet.com/5208-6620_102-0.htm...threadID=262366 good luck.
  3. Hi and sorry you are still having a problem with your WU. Try the following site for the moment. I am researching more for your problem and will get back as soon as I can with I hope more help for you. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=943144 Post back and let us know how you are going please. Kind regards, Please also try the following site from CC and see if that helps you. http://www.castlecops.com/t106642-How_To_F...wly_Edited.html
  4. Hi rkcypher,W Have you completed all the TechExpress tips in you PCPitstop scan? When you have if things are no better I would post a HJT log to the correct forum on this site to see if you have any malware. You could also try the following to correct any problems with your Windows Updates. Step 1: Verify that your computer's date and time are accurate and that Internet Explorer language option is not empty. To check the language setting in Internet Explorer: 1. Click "Tools" and then choose "Internet Options" 2. Click the lanuage button 3. Make sure at least one language is
  5. Hi 'rkcypher', I would suggest you follow all but one of the tuneup tips in you TechExpress link above. Unless you are having issues with your Drivers do not at this point in time Update outdated device drivers Following all the above tips will take you sometime, post back if you need more help. kind regards,
  6. Hi rkcypher, I have been looking back over your post which does not seem to be resolved. Have you still got your problems? If so try the advice below and see if that helps. kind regards, ________________________________________________________ Please Run the PCPitstop Full Tests, here: http://www.pcpitstop.com Note: Vista users with UAC must first Right-click IE - Select "Run as Administrator" Register and create a password Accept the ActiveX component to allow your machine to run the Full Tests Registering and accepting the ActiveX are both SAFE and FREE. Full Tests
  7. Thanks Mouse for that explanation. The reason I was asking FJ2007 the two questions in my last post to him is his situation could not happen to me. I run an Internal Removable Seagate Barracuda E:\ Drive for Ghost images with incremental backups if 500MB downloads are exceeded with one full image backup each week. I have done a test run putting a new HD into my tower and restoring from the E:\Drive (Ghost Backup Drive) onto the new HD and was up and running in 10 minutes or so. I was not knowledged regarding your explanation so that is what was confusing me. and hence the two ques
  8. Let me first say this, I respect Mouse's expertize and information in the post to you HOWEVER A question to you 'FJ2007' 1) Have you got a internal removable HD soley for your Ghost Backup images? OR 2) Are the backup images on a partition on your C:\Drive assuming that is the drive you restored to factory condition. Please reply and then I will take it from there.
  9. Hi 'FJ2007' and Welcome to The Pit, Here are the system requirements for Picasa I see you are running Windows 98 which is not compatible with Picasa. Read this site particularly the second para where "Joe" has answered the post of "Irving S" Post back if you need more help.
  10. Right click on your External Drive in My Computer (Maxtor one touch II external drive) and find where all the backups are saved. How many MB's or if alot, GB's of backups are saved? Delete most of them except the most recent ones to free up the drive. At this point in time don't delete Retrospect HD Express or you will be without software to run your backups.... What size is your C:\Drive? What size is your Maxtor one touch II external drive. Clean up your My Documents folder of data you no longer use. What Antispyware and Antivirus software are you running and are the defin
  11. Some time ago, IntelGuy tried really hard to get my email notifications to work for me. It was intermittent after his attempt. I had a go at it about a week ago, changing the email contact address in My Controls and it has worked ever since. I changed to my yahoo email address from my private email address. Working fine for me now.
  12. If it aint broke don't fix it - I learned that on here and WTT forums. Some of my drivers are 2001, (New Driver Update Scan told me that) but I have no issues so am leaving well alone. Just my opinion only
  13. The thing about PCPitstop that really annoys me is the fact that you offer a Free Driver Scan and then when you go to update the drivers, you have to pay to do it. I just go to my manufacturers website and update them for free as I should be able to do. Again a less computer literate person would fall for that and pay for drivers they do not have to buy. Yes, it is all about making money unfortunately, but give us a break. If the scan is free let the updates be free.
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