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  1. 4...and you may have your application set to ports that ISP's like to minitor and limit bandwidth on. Rarely have I seen this on torrents....but other apps? Yeah, all the time.
  2. That almost sounds like you made someone very angry with you. ....or you managed to post your email address on the net in a few very bad places. If your using free webbased email, you can use their included spam protection. Start marking it all as spam and then delete it. If it continues to be a problem, close the email account and start up a new one. Speaking of starting up a new one, that's the fastest way to deal with the problem. For best results, have several on hand at any given time. I run with three. One just incase, one for absolute junk and where I might be dealing with people that I don't know, and then one for family and friends. Keep the one for family and friends off the net. Don't post it. Eventually, you'll get a couple of bits in there...but very rarely. I've had my private email up and running for about a year....and I can count on one hand the amount of spam that email address recieves.
  3. You know....there's a host of reasons that you might not be able to access just one site. It's sorta hard to say why you can't.... Options Check your site security settings... Check your firewall...router... Run a traceroute... Proxy yourself in Did you make any changes to your equipment? Visit their forum and make someone angry? (...though that usually only gets you banned from the forum....) What was the last thing that you did before you noticed that you couldn't access the site? Do you get a URL error or do you just time out? **Note....the above listed suggestions are only that....suggestions. These are things that I would normally check**
  4. Thanks!!! I'm new to Modding and liquid cooling...so I'll start a new thread and ask for input. ...and as any noob....I've got questions.
  5. Hey Kenny... Can I ask what your temps are? Thanks in advance.
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