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  1. still saying i have the latest drivers?? ive been to speedtest.net and done the sped test the results as follows---- with erthnet cable.. download=0.25 upload=0.38 ping=67ms wireless...download=0.25 upload=0.38 ping=89ms not sure what these meen? the site tells me i should be able to download a mp3 song in 3 minutes???? i dont think so more like 30 minutes?? im really pulling my hair out now also on the pcpitstop ping test all results came back gr
  2. cheers, downloaded them at work so will take home and try.
  3. done that it says the best driver software for my device is already installed??? my laptop is acer aspire 5735, using wireless wifi link 5100
  4. sorry to sound thick...how do i do that... laptop tellin me all drivers are up to date.. but not sure if that means my netwok divers???
  5. Having swapped my laptop with xp to one with vista basic, my internet seems to be extremley slow. im on virgin and wondered if there were any settings on my router to help?? my router is netgear DG834g v4 . For eg downloading an update for itunes or nokia pc suite takes over 40 mins??? surley this is right.. i never had this problem on my xp laptop. ive updated my router firmware but still no joy
  6. Got a brand new acer laptop, with vista basic, it tells me network connected but 90% of time IE just brings the usuall message up cannot connect/find site!!!!! really really annoying, my router is a netgear one, im on virgin.. never ever ever had this problem with my old laptop with xp a month ago.. The problem seems to be IE as ive downloaded the new google browser and it works ok ish but its only the beta version so. when i click on my network it shows a green line running from router to network and then from network to web, but then it dies and a cross come on from network to web.. is
  7. hi just installed my netgear router supplied by virgin, wirless works fine and is quite quick. but how do i secure it?? ive gone to router sign in and changed the name and enabled wep? but then the wirless goes off.. im usually ok with computers but i cannot seem to grasp this at all. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE talk me through it in very very very easy to understand terms thanks in advance tommy
  8. juliet pc working fine at the minute, thank you for your help... "will you marry me?"" lol im going to keep using avg and will install commodo firewall. all this mess started because the pc was the secretarys and she didnt have anything to protect and never mentioned that the pc was infected. once again thank you
  9. i right click start button click explore but cannot see the above file link?
  11. kapersky log (doesnt look very good) KASPERSKY ONLINE SCANNER REPORT Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:54:37 AM Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Kaspersky Online Scanner version: Kaspersky Anti-Virus database last update: 15/04/2008 Kaspersky Anti-Virus database records: 705714 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan Settings: Scan using the following antivirus database: extended Scan Archives: true Scan Mail Bases: true Scan Target - My Computer: A:\ C:\
  12. it will not find the above windows path? i tried three times!! shall i carry on from were i left off yesterday? i had got to the the cleanmgr, select drive c bit. running ok at the min but, we shall see
  13. run cleanmgr, i now have to leave it till tomoz so will carry on in morning. thank you
  14. new hijack log with internet disabled ComboFix 08-04-13.3 - Sam Robinson 2008-04-14 15:37:04.2 - NTFSx86 Running from: C:\Documents and Settings\Sam Robinson\Desktop\ComboFix.exe Command switches used :: C:\Documents and Settings\Sam Robinson\Desktop\cfscript.txt * Created a new restore point FILE :: C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\3.bin\MWSBAR.DLL C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\3.bin\mwsoemon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\awtrpoNe.dll C:\WINDOWS\system32\crkocecr.dll c:\windows\system32\fvdonarl.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\nnnmjhhi.dll . ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletio
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