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  1. AOL is not my ISP. I have DIRECWAY. I just happened to discover that using AOL prevents me from getting dropped from my internet connection. On the otherhand, if I go on websites where I could watch video's, even AOL times out and I don't get to watch anything. When I do want to watch media presentations, I have to restart my laptop, wait for MSN Messenger to open up, then click on the link to "you have xxxx #'s of messages in your inbox" to open IE. Sometimes IE maintains a portal for a long enough time to allow a media connection, but usually times out or displays, "Cannot view page, etc." So, if I'm lucky, I can keep restarting my laptop, hoping IE will stay connected long enough.
  2. I completely agree that if I am signed into AOL, IE should also work, but it doesn't. I went into connections>LAN settings and checked "Automatically detect proxy settings," and it still doesn't work. For some stupid reason, when I turn my computer on, MSN Messenger automatically starts and shows how many emails I have. Sometimes, it will open right to my email via IE (without AOL even being open, yet), but most of the time, it will open up IE on its own, but still says "page cannot be found, etc."
  3. I have a satellite connection via external modem (Hughes 6000). I cannot pull anything up on IE (6.0), but if I open AOL, I can then get online. My laptop also times out on a lot of sites, especially iTunes Music Store, whether I use AOL or not. I defragged the hard drive and nothing is sped up. What do I need to do to fix this?
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