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  1. Android tablets have totally changed the way I use computers , my desktop can go,for weeks on end without use ......tablets just a tool that's a fixed configuration , that just works ..


    Origionaly came here looking for answers to problems , but stuff is pretty reliable these days

    Sort of moved on .....after some life changes .... Pop in and out as I even miss some of the peeps that I never saw eye to eye too .....heh ..time eh ?

  2. Quite like the simcity series ...... was going to get this untill I saw the price of the full UK version £65 , then found out it had to be full on line just for DRM .....masses of server issues right from the off ....and it seems as though the retail release is almost a buggy beta ....and the games seems incomplete ...which also looks like its set up for micropayments to sort out the missing content .


    I sometimes play 10 year old sim 4 rush hour if I'm in the mood ....Whats the bet EA will terminate the servers in around 3 years as they have done with a whole host of other titles ....


    Might wait a year or two ...and see ......certainly there would have to be at least a 75% price drop


    looks pretty


    Anyone got it ?



    Posted Image

  3. Well I've not had 7 ....... ..... but it is an improvement on vista ......not a revolutionary one though .....way better for dual monitors


    I open with metro on one and a near similar vista desktop on the other ....Its does feel faster and smoother in operation ...I like it ......no real (re) learning curve


    worth the move if you were on vista or XP methinks

  4. Well ... I've always had a soft spot for my ultra stable medion comp XP ........it was still getting used as a media player attached to my big TV even well after after I bought a vista dell in 2008.............missed it when it died after 8 years solid use .......really not worth stripping


    Never really liked vista ...so I've finally upgraded it today to pro w8 , on almost the last day of the discounted upgrade ....I must say after a few hours use ....I rather like it , its certainly neater on a dual screen compared to vista ...dont know what the fuss is over the start button ....Its hidden in the bottom left ...... and its the easiest install of an OS that I've ever done .... All my settings were on the cloud ...all imported without a hitch ...cant really see any difference while surfing on Chrome or firefox


    My e/G/ yahoo mail, drop box , google drive ,sky drive and box drive all synced easily with my accounts and nexus 7 ...quite painlessly


    think I'm going to like it more than vista .....not really used w7 much

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