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  1. If this is plagiarism, then every Windows tips is.


    Microsoft designed Windows. Every possible tips you can find out there, works because Microsoft have made it possible. Everybody knows it. There is no need to give Microsoft credit for this.


    It would be something else if Minnie found it on your website. Try and think a little before you open your mouth.


    well let's see...let me get this straight, between you and the following 2-3 boneheads (chas47448 & mme) you've encouraged me not to open my mouth w/o thinking first...called me an [email protected]@.(whatever that is!!??) and asserted that big-bad microsoft deserves no credit for sharing there own system tweaks...because they created them all. as for the "name-caller" and someone else who claimed i was jealous...grow up...and what would i possibly be jealous of...a person that steals ideas and passes them off as her own???


    the only thing i felt was necessary to point out was that this was OLD NEWS for anyone who might be reading it and heaping praise on someone who saw fit to not post a link...as i did...but to claim the idea was original and her own...and she copied that damn thing verbatim!!! as for the no credit to microsoft...i bet the dude that WROTE the article would beg to differ with your simpleton viewpoint. let's not forget...plagiarism is ILLEGAL...at least in the USA and other advanced countries!!!


    soooo boys...before you reply to posts that point out the truth and discredit a pretender...perhaps you should all take some advice from viking...and "Try and think a little...." well you know the rest!!!


    oddly enough i came across no rebuttal form "minnie" herself....nice try...caught ya!!!

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