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  1. 2- chicken "mammary glands", "Fun Bags", "Breasties", etc. etc.
  2. I know - Sounds stupid but, When you play with the resets in your BIOS and "JUMPER", you have all of the POWER OFF? Virtually a dead board with no A/C or D/C power anywhere connected? Just thought I'd add to what we all think of as OBVIOUS".
  3. All Fixed Joe - It was The Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Module. Slapped a new one in and BANG - Up and running! I've never seen an Ethernet Card go bad.
  4. Man - I haven't heard or seen of JATON for years. WOW!
  5. Joe -I have XP disks coming out of my Ying-Yang. It's not my lappy, so I don't think that they want me to "FIX " it......... I'll just leave the Beautiful experience of Vista on it....
  6. The weird part about it is that in device manager it says that it is working properly. Oh, by the way --- I think that VISTA HOME PREMIUM is a BLOATED PIG. YUCK! What a bunch of worthless candy
  7. okay Joe - I pulled the card and it is a Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG card. Reinstalled it and then I manually installed the drivers - (ver. date - 5/28/09). The device manager says that it is working with no conflicts. When I try to run the wireless - 1) Windows Network Diagostics comes up. 2) The Network adapter "Intel PRO/Wireless 3946ABG Network" connnection is experiencing driver or hardware related issues. Comes up.... A little background on PC. The person was using it for app. six months. No problems w/ the wireless part. They said that one day the wireless just wen
  8. Ya Joe - Wireless enabled. I think the wrong drivers are in there and the drivers they have at the site don't run right. What happens when I remove the intel PRO wireless out form the device manager I get "other device" -unknown. Network Controller - with no drivers. When I try to install any of the wireless drivers from the gateway site, none of them will load and get rid of the "other devices" - NETWORK CONTROLLER w/ the yellow exclamation point!
  9. I was hoping that someone had this particular M-6843, so they could open their device manager. RIght now I have - (NETWORK ADAPTERS) 1) Intel®PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection RAS Async Adapter 2) Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller I think that there is something wrong here --- That is why I wanted someone to check their DEVICE MANAGER.
  10. Does anyone have a Gateway M-6843 readily available that they can open up their DEVICE MANAGER and look under NETWORK ADAPTERS, and tell me what they see there? The system is VISTA Home Premium. Someone dinkered with the system and lost the NETWORK ADAPTERS for it. I don't have access to the install disks for the machine. SO, I don't know the brand of mother board or WIFI. I need to know if it is INTEL or Realtek or other, so I can install the proper drivers. I can hard line the PC with cable, but the WIRELESS isn't operating. My Wireless router is not the problem (It works fine). Thank
  11. Two other thing to try: Boot into your Bios Screen - 1) Check the clock settings to make sure that you have the right "Day, Month, Year, Hours, and Minutes. 2) Set the Bios to Fail Safe Setting (if available). If either of those work, then go back into the Bios and reset to "Optimized Settings".
  12. It doesn't help you, but I use Partition Magic..... Bad part is that you have to purchase the software CD!
  13. Long Time - No See! You look Marvelous! Thanks for the link-y-poo
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