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  1. Oh wow, thank you so much, JoeC. You just made my day!
  2. Oh, YAY! So there IS a way to save data if the drives aren't working? That would be great. A lot of what we need to save are pictures we uploaded from out camera. Also, I create computer and web graphics, would need to save some of that work. My fiance has mostly text documents to save, although much of what he has written has already been posted at the site he writes for. He only has a few projects at a time that he is working on and would need to save from our computer. So they only save a certain number of gigs? Could we use more than one? I guess what I'm asking is... what exactly IS a thumb drive?
  3. Yes, wademan, this IS a lot of info to take in! Well, we replaced the ethernet cable, and it didn't fix the problem. dickster, it's the ethernet light that flashes rapidly. I've seen the ethernet AND the internet lights blink before, when it was connecting or when it had disconnected and the modem needed rebooted. Monday, when it disconnected for the last time, was the first time I ever saw the light flash rapidly like it does now. Last night, we decided that we are having so many problems with this computer that what we need to work on getting fixed, first, is one of the CD drives so that we can save data off of the harddrive. Since we CAN get on-line with the dial-up, we're going to put the DSL problem on the back burner for now. If we have somebody look at it, and they believe the computer is basically in good shape (after they fix the CD-Rom), then we'll go ahead and try replacing the NIC card, too. But we feel the main objective, now, should be figuring out how to save some of our work and family pictures and, depending on the verdict about the overall condition, either then fix the DSL or get a new computer. Hopefully, the dial-up will continue to work until we can get this done, because my fiance's second job is writing for a music website and he needs to be able to get on-line every evening and on weekends. Well, that was what we decided last night. But after reading your other suggestions, I will go ahead and check the line like IntelGuy said, and then take Wademan's advice about talking to a higher-level tech support person. I will do this later this afternoon, because I have a few things I have to do today, and just stopped in to let you all know what's up and how things went with replacing the ethernet cable. I'll check back in as soon as I can, to let you know how things went. Thanks again everybody!
  4. Ok, I disabled the Windows firewall, McAfee, and AVG and tried again, it still didn't work. The ethernet light on the modem continues flashing rapidly. I think before we go any further, I'm going to try replacing the ethernet cable, I would hate to have gone through all of this and have that be what it is. The only reason I haven't done that yet is because of the guy at Tech Support telling me, "Oh, those very rarely go out." Well, ANYTHING can go out, so it wouldn't hurt to just try a new one. I'll have to get one when I go out later and will check back after. Thanks again everybody. Be back this evening!
  5. I'm sorry, Mark, I didn't ignore you. I thought I had said, in one of my posts, that the Tech Support guy I talked to on Monday had me disconnect the firewall and it didn't help. If I FORGOT to mention that, I certainly meant to, yesterday I was getting a lot of suggestions to try things that the Tech Support guy had already talked me through. I meant to explain this, and I apologize if I neglected to address all the posts.
  6. That's how ours is -- there is a filter on the line for the phone. Yes, dickster, on the computer it is phone line from the wall socket>DSL Modem>Computer. My fiance says we don't have a router, we have a combo modem/router. IntelGuy, I tried unplugging the phone upstairs to plug it into the wall socket, but I can't get the filter thing out of the socket. It's pushed in really far, I can't even get good hold on the clip and was afraid I might break it trying to get it out of there.
  7. Ok, there IS a filter on the upstairs line, where the phone is plugged in.
  8. We've had the DSL for over 2 years and it has worked fine until recently. We don't have a phone on the downstairs line, the phone line comes straight from the wall into the DSL modem. (I don't know if this makes any difference, re: the filter, just thought it might.) We have a separate phone jack where the phone is plugged in. EDIT: I emailed my fiance at work and asked him about it, and he just responded. The DSL wasn't working with the filter on it, when he was hooking it up. He called Tech Support and the man asked if we planned to have a phone on the same line. He told him no, so he had him remove the filter. Then the DSL worked.
  9. No the drives are not back. And no, there is no filter like that on the phone line.
  10. Ok, IntelGuy, I deleted the UpperFilters and LowerFilters from the registry. Now what? Do I reboot? Or do I just try to use one of the drives?
  11. Yes, we tried that, by going into Network Connections through the Control Panel, and then Internet Protocol. Then we tried pinging the modem again, but this time instead of saying 'unreachable' (can't remember the entire phrase, it was a couple days ago, but 'unreachable' was in there) it said 'request timed out.'
  12. Thank you, Mark, that worked! And yes, it WAS F8. Ok, IntelGuy, I'm going to try what you posted.
  13. Ok, I removed the Java that wasn't the 5.0 update 6. But when I try to delete that Red Swoosh program, I can't. I click on 'remove' and a window comes up saying 'close all internet explorer windows' (which I didn't have open) so I click OK, and then nothing happens. I waited quite a while but there was no change, the add/remove window seemed frozen, I couldn't even get it to close. I finally just rebooted. I tried it again and the same thing happened.
  14. Sorry, by the time my fiance got home, I was a little burnt out on all things computer related. He didn't get home from work until after 8. So, I told him where we were so far, asked him to read the entire thread, and decide what we should do next. He thought downloading the drivers was a good idea, but that didn't fix the problem. We only have McAfee firewall, not antivirus. We use AVG antivirus. IntelGuy, I'm real nervous about editing the registry. Editied to remove my stupid questions. I'm not fully awake until I've had a couple cups of coffee.
  15. Sheesh... I FINALLY got a picture uploaded to PhotoBucket. Just wanted to stop in real quick and post the screenshot. Hi, Jacee. Thanks so much for your input, I'll stop back in a little bit, after my other half gets home, and we'll take care of the things you posted. And will also download that driver, dickster. No worries, fly.
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