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  1. Thank you for the welcome. just thought I'd mention that i ran the free version of eTRUST PEST CONTROL.( from pcpitstop site) and it says i have a trojan 32.FFP Attack. Yet when I run Mcafee and ad-aware they don't pick this up? It also said that I have a possible Browser hijack? However because it was the free version it would not remove these for me. As my security software isnt picking these things up I'm not sure how to get rid of them. Any thoughts? test results http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=1T91PWUYPDJS7JMQ
  2. Hi All, Please forgive me if I don't explain things too well. I am unsure of the technical terms for things, but will try to be as clear as possible. Its difficult to really pin point what is wrong with my PC. I have noticed a few things, and they are annoying rather than major problems. It is taking longer to connect to a page, so much so that once I have typed in the URL and clicked enter I am not sure that it is responding. The Blue line at the bottom that shows that the page is loading used to appear immediately, and my PC was quite quick, now it is taking longer to respond. Sometimes not at all. I also noticed recently that when I tried to do a virus scan using Mcafee it told me that I couldnt run it as the activex part of the program had been removed. I reinstalled Mcafee and scanned, it said that my PC is virus free. I used ad-aware to check for anything and cleared a few things from the PC but it still seemed a bit sluggish etc...(sorry its hard to say exactly what is wrong) I then decided to restore the system to an earlier date. I did this but again I lost the activex part of Mcafee. The other problem is that it will not shut down. It will start to shut down, but will remain with the screen saying the PC is shutting down, I have to shut down manually. I dont think there is anything serious wrong, But I wondered if anyone has any ideas about what has made it sluggish etc. Thanks Debbie
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