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  1. loud here. Guess what, Wademan's advice worked! I turned the monitor off and then on and everything is great! Why did it do that though? Was it the lightening? Thanks everyone, now to look at porn...er cars.
  2. beanie sigel - feel it in the air
  3. lil wyte-oxycotton lil wyte-i sho will 50 cent-p.i.m.p iron maiden-the trooper
  4. Children Of The Bodom -- Silent Night, Bodom Night
  6. cannible corpse - skull full of maggots cannible corpse - i will kill you well the "i will kill you" part isn't but the music is
  7. afi - dream of walking afi - hanging garden
  8. Sum 41 - all killer no fill the whole cd...
  9. edguy - painting on the wall finch - what it is to burn gorefest - state of mind H-I-M - beautiful
  10. Marilyn Manson - godeatgod Marilyn Manson - (s)Aint Marilyn Manson - Wormboy Marilyn Manson - Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
  11. Who do i send the pics i have too? alex
  12. Havent' been on here much, busy getting grades up.. brought my math up from an F to B+! Mom told me about it, just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you. hang in there.
  13. chingy - holiday inn suicadal tendencies - Institutionalized
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