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  1. My laptop DNS Server has stopped working. The message I get is DNS Server isn't responding. Need help with the repair. (Windows 7 and has been working properly for over a year, in fact I have never had this problem)... Thanks for your help..
  2. OPPs spoke to soon shows connected but still can't get internet Thanks
  3. I checked services.msc and the DHCP client is set to automatic, not working under automatic, your second suggestion did get me on line. Next Question is there a way to repair the automatic DHCP client?? You've been Great thanks
  4. Thanks for staying with me, in and out today. Checked my other computers and their data follows your guide, however the problem machine is like this... dns sufix----------Blank ip address ------------------ subnet mask---------------- default gatway-------------Blank Computer 1 dns sufix-----------------domain.actds1temp IPv4 address----------- subnet mask 255:255:255.0 Default gateway Computer 2 Same as above except IP address is
  5. I have a Windows XP home addition net book that I use when I travel. Problem, I took it out of the bag and now it won't sign onto the internet. I use a wifi connection to my router and I am getting 5 bars and my other three computers ar working fine off the same net work. The unit sent 9 packets and nothing received. I have useed the repair tool that windows provides which can't solve the problem.. Any help would be appreciated.
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