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  1. Well I don't remember much of it, but it involved heavy drinking and exotic dancers so I must have had a good time. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.
  2. Heres another good one, based on one of the [email protected] cores: http://home.comcast.net/~wxdude1/emsite/do...d/stresscpu.zip
  3. My sister and I,to date, have collected in excess of $40,000 owed to my father. Free money rocks. Edit: I think I just got another hit in MS for $25,000 Shady oil bidness dealing rock too.
  4. You oughta try out the PCPitstop skin. The linky is up in one of the pinned posts at the top of this forum. Edit: Check out the little bit of the forum in the pic I posted. For Merlin's memory indeed.
  5. Cool. If you could get the columns and tops for a good price, you could make a mint selling "fern" stands.
  6. If both surfaces to be bonded are unfinished, you could probably use tile mortar. Dont really know what kind of shear strength you would get. Edit: Yes on the liquid nails. It will begin to separate if it sits around long enough. You can still use it, though. Squeeze the whole tube out on a piece of cardboard or something and stir it up. Apply with a putty knife. It's messy, but it works
  7. Some high-end construction adhesives will bond stone and concrete. Check around the "Liquid nails" area of your favorite DIY store.
  8. http://costumejunkie.com/PRODUCTS/powerran...batPRODUCTS.jpg
  9. oo ooo ooo, can I ban people now? *grabs banning stick.
  10. yeah, but it's magical moderator dust.
  11. That just means I'm employee of the month.
  12. I missed them all to, so they made me a gunner.
  13. Why don't you turn that thing into a Linux box? Probably do just fine with some small version.
  14. http://www.steakout.com/ Steak and tater without firing up the grill
  15. Same here. And they just have to run it right around dinner time. I about choked up about $20.00 worth of Steak Out on the last episode I watched. :help:
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