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  1. Have you been getting Gromacs or Tinkers lately? The Tinkers have more steps involved, so the may cycle a bit faster than the Gromacs.
  2. Beware the stealthy moose delivery system:
  3. That was my point also Ax. The govmint is going to get thier pork one way or the other. Doesn't matter if it's fed,state, or local. Least if I'm giving it to the state, I can reasonably assume it's staying here.
  4. So if I were to pay more Federal tax my state taxes would then be lowered? I doubt it.
  5. Holy smoke, now Bush is responsible for the actions of your local Govt.
  6. While housebreaking your dog, are you abusing him or teaching him?
  7. I had to go in and kill a few unwanted services, but it seems to be running well. Took 20 minutes or so to install
  8. Is your son really dating Jessicka Simpson?
  9. Well that would make them infantry then
  10. Depends entriely on whether it's an infantry or an armor battalion.
  11. Well thank God you live in Canada Guru. Shouldn't even have to worry about it.
  12. I still have not found the One True Catfish, but I have eaten many false idols
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