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  1. what you put on YOUR BODY is up to you , who cares what anyone else thinks!!!
  2. thats the best advise i've read here on this topic so far, the dude your are right there are way more fish in the sea to feast upon, i would say if the one doesnt work out than you are lucky cause it wasnt meant to be, before you get hooked up im a long term relationship make sure it's the right girl, you have a whole life ahead of you. your decision is what is best for you!!
  3. WOW this bites!!! will take a little bit to get use too!!
  4. thats bull!!! no way man go buy your own i did!!!!!
  5. lol no offense but i cant decide... do i keep reading about this hjt stuff or go watch my favorite soap opera... hmmm decisions decisions i think this is way more interesting and getting better by the minute!!!!
  6. where i'm from karma is a mother :filtered:e... what come's around goes around prayers and thought's to you and your loved ones!!!!!
  7. well being a complete "NOOB" with a pc i dont know " my from a hole in the ground". but when i go to work i find people that need help and sometime i dont have the proper answer for them, but i give them suggestions and that sometimes helps and sometimes it dont, but it gives them another ally to choose from. like just today i had my boss come up and say he had trouble with his microsoft office after he had installed a new hard drive in his pc, so i being a pit member, remembered reading a post from rob about open office, i gave him the info and he called me at home a little while ago and said it worked perfect!!!!! it read his files perfect, so if i never been to this web site i probably would have never heard of this application and would not of helped him out ... all i'm saying is people do thing's different everyday and thats whats makes us different, i may have found a better way to fix a problem then you have, but you would never know if i had to be certified to do so!!!!!!
  8. there can be more damage done in "user to user " than in anything else on this forum. imo
  9. after reading this for an hour or so and and a( few bud lights) i will say, if you feel you are qualified to help someone with a problem being hardware or software related you should be at least be givin the opportunity to do so!!!!! whether it be you are a " trusted hijack this log" pro or not, i came here about six months ago and the people here helped and treated me like family. i am now a pitstop junkie and get home from work and this is the first place i go on the web... so from a "NOOBS" point of view let people be people and if you know something i dont let it be expressed in all parts of this forum!!! so everybody can learn and be more protected from those that create the malware and viruses in the first place!!!!
  10. thats a helluva post tracylynn you rock girl
  11. http://wwwa.accuweather.com/index-forecast...e=62801&u=1
  12. i hate to here about this kind of stuff but it is a reality, my thought's and prayers go out to you and your wife !!
  13. here we go again 114 heat index http://wwwa.accuweather.com/index-forecast...e=62801&u=1
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